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GLACIER by PRISM E-Liquids 60ml

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GLACIER by PRISM E-Liquids 60ml

PRISM E-Liquids GLACIER Vape Juice Review

Delivering an incredible layer of bone-chilling flavor, there isn't anything quite as satisfying as GLACIER by PRISM E-Liquids. It offers a frigid flavor experience that you'll find incredibly pleasing. The first time you inhale, your mouth and throat will feel the coolness of this satisfying blend, leaving you craving more.

What is PRISM E-Liquids GLACIER vape juice? GLACIER by PRISM E-Liquids is an extraordinary vape juice blend that will surely cool your throat and have you feeling as if you could exhale ice sicles. This amazing flavor features a hefty dose of menthol, giving your taste buds the bone-chilling kick that you've been craving. With GLACIER, it's all about pure, ice-cold menthol, and no additional flavors to interrupt one of the most satisfying flavor experiences you'll encounter. From the first puff that you take until the very last puff you take, GLACIER will deliver the cool all-day vape you've been searching for.

Headquartered in Irvine, California, PRISM E-liquids is rapidly taking the market by storm with its incredible multi-series collection, which consists of the most succulent fruits, the most unique tobacco flavors, and the coolest menthol flavors. There are a lot of flavors to explore in this tasty arsenal but it's the quality that separates PRISM E-Liquids from others on the market. The products endure a strict process and use rigorous standards to ensure that all compliance is met. The brand is developed by 511 Solutions, however, it is manufactured by Blackbriar Regulatory Services, which is a company that offers contract manufacturing services, regulatory services, and analytical services for prominent brands. Due to its professional and 'done the right way' approach to compliance, manufacturing, and more, there is no better vape juice brand to rely on than PRISM E-Liquids.

If you are looking for a way to excite your taste buds and relieve them from those dull moments with flavor, GLACIER by PRISM E-Liquids can definitely give your tastes the kick it deserves with a cool burst of pure, ice-cold menthol. It's literally the coolest vape you'll ever try.

Flavor Profile: Menthol

Bottle Size: 60ml

PG/VG: 70/30