FRYD Vape Juice 60ml Bundle


FRYD Vape Juice 60ml Pick 3 Bundle (180ml)

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FRYD Vape Juice 60ml Pick 3 Bundle 

FRYD Vape Juice Bundle Review

For those that haven’t been around for a while, FRYD Vape Juice is a brand that has been around the industry for a while. When it was debuted, there were many people that didn’t quite know how to take the unique flavoring combinations that resulted in five incredible dessert vape juice flavors. However, once the word got out, the brand caught fire and quickly became one of the industry’s leading brands.

One of the most fascinating parts about the series of flavors is that they are incredibly unique and no other brand can mimic quite the same taste. From the Fried Oreo to the Fried Ice Cream, and everything in between, this brand truly delivers a unique flavor for your specific tastes. FRYD is one of many brands we’re certain you’ll enjoy. The taste experience is remarkable, and as you take your first draw from these deep-fried dessert vape juice flavors, you’ll gain a new sense of respect for FRYD's mixologists.

There are many brands we have the capability of providing, but FRYD is one we’re especially excited about. This FRYD Vape Juice 60ML Pick 3 Bundle is a slammin’ deal. It consists of five flavors to choose from, and you’ll have the ability to choose 3 of your most preferred flavors.

Combine the three together and you’re getting a total of 180ML worth of savory vape juice! Each flavor comes in a 60ML Chubby Gorilla bottle with a choice of three nicotine strength levels, including 0MG, 3MG, and 6MG.

Choose From any 3 FRYD Vape Juice Flavors

  • FRYD Cookies and Cream: Crafted specifically for those who enjoy the wonderful taste of Oreos, you’ll fall in love with this Oreo flavor that tastes as if it was deep-fried in buttery batter.
  • FRYD Banana: The taste of bananas are great, and it’s even better when the bananas are fried with a delicious dough shell.
  • FRYD Cream Cakes: Imagine a fluffy cream cake that’s filled with all the deliciousness you’ve come to love. Now imagine it deep-fried with a light crunch. That’s what you get with this unique Fryd flavor!
  • FRYD Ice Cream: If you can dream of the most outlandish flavor that just sounds like a brilliant combination of taste, you’ll love this vanilla ice cream that’s deep-fried with savory flavor. 

Start enjoying FRYD Vape Juice today at our discount low prices.