Juice Head Desserts Fruity Cream

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Fruity Cream by Juice Head Desserts 100ML

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Fruity Cream by Juice Head Desserts 100ML

Juice Head Desserts Fruity Cream Review

Mimicking the taste of a delicious cake batter, there isn't anything more pleasing in vape form. It is a delicious dessert flavor that will surely please your taste buds and leave you satisfied from one puff to the next. Cake Batter is one of the brand-new blends that make up the new Juice Head Desserts collection, and everyone's raving about trying this flavorsome new creation from one of the strongest brands out there.

What is Juice Head Desserts Fruity Cream vape juice? Fruity Cream by Juice Head Desserts is an outstanding concoction of flavors that make up one amazing vape juice. It is a part of the new Juice Head Desserts collection, which consists of various dessert flavors, ranging from Cake Batter to sweet cream. Fruity Cream is another amazing creation the brand has developed, boasting a delicious fruity flavor that is accompanied by a sweet cream flavor. What you're left with is a flavorsome vape that you can puff on all day long. Juice Head Desserts Fruity Cream is available in a 100mL bottle and can be vaped in tobacco-free nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

Juice Head is a large manufacturing brand that has become one of the industry's most popular choices for premium vape juice. The brand has developed a wide range of award-winning tastes, a superior collection of blends that range from their classics to freeze, and a new dessert line that is all about offering the taste of sweet treats. Juice Head is based in Garden Grove, California, and is now leading the industry with a slew of vape products that everyone now refers to as favorites.

If you're looking for an awesome vape juice to add to your collection, this deliciously-tasting concoction of fruits and cream is just what you need to consider. It is a brilliant mix of flavors thrown together to create yet another all-day vape you will love.

Flavor Profile: Fruit, Cream

Bottle Size: 100ML

VG/PG: 70/30