Fruit Monster Passionfruit Orange Guava

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Fruit Monster Passionfruit Orange Guava by Jam Monster 100ml

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Passionfruit Orange Guava by Fruit Monster 100ml

Passionfruit Orange Guava by Fruit Monster Review

Fruit Monster Passionfruit Orange Guava gifts you with the most fascinating flavor experience that combines three of the most deliciously paired flavors, including passionfruit, orange, and guava. It is an outstanding mixture that we're certain anyone would appreciate.

What is Passionfruit Orange Guava vape juice? Fruit Monster Passionfruit Orange Guava by Jam Monster is an outstanding blend of flavors that come together to create the most delicious vape juice. It has been perfectly formulated with a desirable mixture, giving you a brilliant symphony of tastes, which consists of passion fruits, oranges, and an exotic guava flavor that will leave your mouth watering from the very first puff. If you are looking for a fruit blend that will soothe your tastes and leave your airways thrilled with the most flavorsome experience, this is the one you'll want. Fruit Monster Passionfruit Orange Guava is available in a large 100mL bottle and comes in nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg to suit whatever preference in nicotine you have.

Jam Monster is an industry favorite when it comes to premium vape juice brands. It is a brand that consists of various flavors spread across several collections, ranging from fruits to desserts to menthol pairings, you won't find another that presents such a marvelous symphony of flavors. Jam Monster is headquartered in Orlando, Florida, yet manufactured by one of the industry's most reputable manufacturing company's, Fresh Juice Co. They create and develop the entire line of Jam Monster vape juice.

If you've got a love for fruit flavors, this is definitely one that will be able to fit into your collection. It offers you an outstanding vaping experience that we're sure you'll enjoy puffing on each day. With the most exciting mix of passion fruit, oranges, and guava flavors, this is sure to turn into your next all-day vape.

Flavor Profile: Passion Fruit, Orange, Guava

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 70/30