Fruit Monster Black Cherry 100ml

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Fruit Monster Black Cherry by Jam Monster 100ML

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Fruit Monster Black Cherry by Jam Monster 100ML

Jam Monster Fruit Monster Black Cherry Vape Juice Review

Giving you a fascinating taste that you'll want to experience over and over again, there isn't anything quite as satisfying as Fruit Monster Black Cherry by Jam Monster. It's a flavorsome concoction that will deliver a pleasing taste and the variety of nicotine strengths will certainly satisfy your cravings, puff after puff.

What is Fruit Monster Black Cherry vape juice? Fruit Monster Black Cherry by Jam Monster is an outstanding premium vape juice blend that anyone would love to experience. From the first puff to the very last, you'll enjoy every moment of this perfectly recreated blend. This vape juice recreates the black cherry flavor, giving you a sweet, fruity, berry-like flavor that is slightly tangy but so delicious. It's a savory concoction, and anyone that has a craving for cherries will absolutely love the experience. Fruit Monster Black Cherry is available in a 100mL bottle and can be enjoyed in three nicotine strengths, including 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, Jam Monster has established itself as a renowned leader in the industry, offering an exceptional range of high-quality vape juices. The mastermind behind the creation of the coveted Jam Monster flavors is Fresh Juice Co., a prominent manufacturing company. Their extensive repertoire boasts an impressive array of delectable options, spanning from fruity concoctions to creamy delights to invigorating menthol blends. With each vape, users can embark on an exploration of diverse and tantalizing tastes, complemented by a gratifying infusion of nicotine that solidifies their standing as unparalleled in the field.

If you are wanting an amazing flavor to experience, Fruit Monster Black Cherry by Jam Monster is the perfect start. It offers a great taste, and satisfying nicotine, and will easily become one of your all-time favorite vapes. Try it today and we're certain you'll appreciate each and every puff you take.

Flavor Profile: Black Cherry

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 70/30