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Frozen Apples by Freezer Salts 30ml

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Frozen Apples by Freezer Salts 30ml

Freezer Salts Frozen Apples Vape Juice Review

Sharing heaps of flavor, Frozen Apples by Freezer Salts is an extraordinary salt nicotine vape juice to consider. While its flavor combination may seem ordinary, the potency of flavor and the quality certainly ensures a different experience. Bringing you a mixture of crisp apples and ice-cold menthol, you're in for quite the crisp and refreshing treat.

Frozen Apples by Freezer Salts is an outstanding flavor creation in itself. The way this flavor was formulated, however, offers an experience that is potent, flavorful, and unmatched. This cool pairing consists of juicy, crisp apples entangled with an icy cool layer of menthol that delivers a refreshing breeze of flavor to each puff. From the first time you inhale to the very last time you exhale, you'll experience the deliciousness of apples and an intensely cool breeze rushing over your taste buds with a lingering taste. It's a flavor that's hard to forget! Frozen Apples are available in a 30mL bottle and 25mg salt nicotine strength.

Step right into the frosty realm of the Freezer Salts vape juice collection, where every bottle is a journey into pure, icy bliss! From the very beginning, Freezer Salts has been dedicated to crafting the coolest vaping experience imaginable. Their story begins with a passion for flavor and a desire to create something truly exceptional. Drawing inspiration from the chill of the Arctic and the refreshing burst of frozen fruits, their expert mixologists embarked on a quest to perfect the art of icy vaping. The result? A premium line of e-liquids that deliver an unparalleled sensation with every inhale.

If you're looking for an outstanding salt nicotine vape juice to add to your daily rotation, then you've definitely found it in Frozen Apples by Freezer Salts. It's an exceptional blend that focuses heavily on delivering greater quality and potency to ensure a satisfying experience.

Flavor Profile: Apple, Menthol

Bottle Size: 30ML

VG/PG: 50/50