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Food Fighter Vape Juice 120ml Pick 3 Bundle (360ml)

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Food Fighter Vape Juice 120ML Pick 3 Bundle

With what seems like truckloads of delicious flavor oozing from the tops of each perfectly crafted vape juice, Food Fighter Juice has certainly delivered when it comes to premium vape juice. It has developed a series of dessert flavors that easily send taste buds into a frenzy, and it’s all done with an outstanding price. Our Food Fighter Vape Juice 120mL Pick 3 Bundle is the best deal we could possibly create. It gives people the opportunity to explore new tastes and for those that are familiar with Food Fighter Vape Juice, it allows them to get their favorite flavors at a much lower cost. In this exclusive bundle, you’ll be able to choose from Angry Munchkins to Ranging Donut, which is a delicious range of dessert flavors you won’t want to go another second without. Simply choose three 120mL bottles (total 360mL) with your preference of flavor, select a nicotine level, including 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg strengths, and your order will be on the way.

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Food Fighter Juice is a premium vape juice company known for some of the finest and most popular dessert flavors. Founded in 2015, the Food Fighter Juice brand gained their quick rise to fame for their supernatural ability to recreate dessert flavored vape juice perfectly. It is a brand manufactured by Ejuice Depo and rests under the same umbrella as Midnight Vape Co, Nitro’s Cold Brew, Full Chubs Ejuice, and Crisp Vape Co. After serving the market for years, becoming one of the most popular vape juice brands, and satisfying the tastes of thousands of people all over the world, there is no wonder why Food Fighter Juice is a leading vape brand.

Choose From:

  • Angry Munchkins - Providing a complex dessert taste from beginning to end, this is one flavor you would expect to taste perfect, and it does. It features mini donuts filled with a spread of sweet blackberry jam, all while being lightly soaked in a bath of condensed milk. It is the perfect vape that you will want to experience all day.
  • Crack Pie - Uniquely crafted, this brilliant vape juice flavor is all about graham cracker and caramel flavor. If you enjoy the amazing taste of a delicious graham cracker pie crust slathered with salted caramel and sugar, you will love Crack Pie. It is an all-day-vape flavor that people can’t seem to get enough of.
  • Pound It - For those who are huge fans of pound cake, you are going to love this remarkable flavor created. It delivers the savory taste of buttered lemon pound cake, which boasts just the right amount of vanilla frosting. Created to replicate a real pound cake, you will be blown away by this tasty vape.
  • Raging Donut - With such a wild name, you would only expect this vape juice to deliver a hectic flavor experience, and allow us to be the first to tell you, you won’t be let down. This tasty vape provides a representation of a fluffy donut that has been loaded and coated with strawberry frosting, while sprinkles of fruity cereal rest on top. It’s a wild vape experience but an easy all-day-vape.

If you are a fan of dessert flavors, Food Fighter Juice should definitely be your go-to brand. Our Food Fighter Vape Juice 120mL Pick 3 Bundle is the best deal on the market that will allow you to experience all that Food Fighter has to offer for the lowest price available.