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Esco Bars H2O Disposable Vape
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Esco Bars H2O Blueberry
Esco Bars H2O Strawberry
Esco Bars H2O Peach
Esco Bars H2O Watermelon
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Esco Bars H2O Disposable Vape

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Esco Bars H2O Disposable Vape

Changing the world of vaping and continuing to release innovative products, the Esco Bars H2O Disposable Vape is completely different than anything you've ever experienced before. It's the same quality, performance, convenience, and flavor you've come to love from Esco Bars, and the newly developed Aquios Labs nicotine developed by Innokin. It is a revolutionary technology that is changing the way we vape and it's yours for the taking when using the Esco Bars H20 Disposable.

What are Esco Bars H2O Disposables? The Esco Bars H2O Disposable Vape is a premium disposable vaping device that comes in two different options, including the 2500 and 6000 puff. Both devices come pre-charged, pre-filled, and are ready to be used immediately. The devices feature a draw-activated firing mechanism, allowing you to effortless vape without a button. Each device is hydrated by Aquios AQ30 nicotine, which is water-based nicotine available in 50mg that provides fuller tasting flavors and cleaner puffs.

The Esco Bars H2O Disposable Vape 2500 Puffs is a device that has a cylindrical shape, taking on the classic appearance of a disposable vape. It features an integrated 1000mAh battery and has a 6mL vape juice capacity, giving it the ability to dish out up to 2500 puffs. Within the device is a mesh coil to further ensure you experience the best flavor and performance.

The Esco Bars H2O Disposable Vape 6000 Puffs is a device that is more modern, more appealing, and more box-shaped. Within the device is a large integrated rechargeable battery that will allow plenty of sessions. It has a massive 15mL vape juice capacity, producing as much as 6000 puffs. Just the same, the Esco Bars H2O 6000 also features a mesh coil so that you experience the best flavor and performance.

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Esco Bars H2O Disposable Vape Flavor Review


Offering a satisfying taste, there isn't anything more pleasing to puff on than this tart blueberry flavor. It delivers a spot-on taste that you'll want to puff on any chance you get. Allow your taste buds to get coated in this lasting flavor.


If you are a fan of grapes, you'll love this grape-flavored vape blend. It delivers a super crisp taste that offers the best grape flavor you've ever experienced. It is an all-day vape that you would not believe tasted so good.


Experience a mouthwatering watermelon flavor that can easily become your all-time favorite vape. From its lush taste of sweetness to the delicious juices, this watermelon-flavored vape is all that you'll want.


When you are looking for a delicious taste, this strawberry flavor is what you'll want. It is a satisfying concoction that offers the taste of juicy red strawberries, giving you an all-day vape flavor that will leave you thoroughly impressed.


Just when you think you couldn't find another pleasing vape, you discover this magnificent peach flavor. It slathers your airways with tons of juicy sweet peaches, leaving your airways coated in tons of flavor.

Mango Lassi

There isn't anything more soothing than the taste of mangoes. It is a tropical blend that bombards your taste buds with a relaxing mixture of mangoes, giving you a flavor experience that leaves you with summertime vibes.

Blueberry Bubblegum

Boasting an incredible taste that never grows old, this tart blend is sure to become a favorite. It blends together tart blueberry with a classic bubblegum flavor, leaving you with delicious blueberry bubblegum.

Green Apple

Slightly sour, this crisp green apple flavor is definitely the taste you'll want to experience. It's an acidic, refreshing vape blend with a sweet enough taste to keep you excited from one puff to the next.

Strawberry Milkshake

Creating a delicious vape you'll want to experience over and over, there isn't anything like this perfectly concocted blend of flavors that recreates the taste of a strawberry milkshake. It's a delicious dessert beverage you're going to love.

Vanilla Custard

Just when you thought you wouldn't find a more pleasing dessert flavor, you discover this delicious vanilla custard blend. It is a perfect recreation that combines a mix of vanilla and custard as one.

Puff Count: 2500-6000 Puffs

Milliliter: 6ML-15ML

Nicotine Strength: 50mg

Nicotine Type: Aquios AQ30 Water-Based Nicotine