FRYD Liquids Drip Fried Banana Vape Juice 120ml


Drip Fried Banana by FRYD E-Liquids 120ml

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Drip Fried Banana by FRYD E-Liquids 120ml

FRYD Drip Fried Banana Vape Juice Review

FRYD is back at it again with your favorite fried treats. Drip Fried Banana by FRYD 120ml is the banana treat your craving. This vape juice brings you the authentic taste of bananas deeply fried to a perfect golden brown. 

As you inhale FRYD Drip Fried Banana, your taste buds will thank you non stop. This succulent banana flavor is so realistic you'll be transported to your local fair, standing in line for your all-time favorite ride. This banana vape juice will wash over your taste buds in such a way that it will intoxicate every fiber of your being. As you exhale, the flavor of the drip fried banana comes through, satisfying every taste bud on your palate.

FRYD is a brand that brings you all of your favorite festival treats. These fried treats are so sweet that your sweet tooth cravings demolished. FRYD delivers dessert vape juices that will have your mouth watering and your jaw dropping. Made with only high-quality ingredients, you're sure to get the best taste from these vape juices, with no guilt from indulging on your sweet desires. FRYD is the vape juice of your dreams with the flavors that hit as smooth as possible.

FRYD Drip Dried Banana 120ml is a sweet treat that you won't be able to put down. This wild ride of bananas will have your head in a whirlwind and your taste buds pleased from the first puff.

Flavor Profile: Banana, Cream, Deep Fried

Bottle Size: 120ml (2x 60ml)