Disposable Vape Mystery Bundle 5-Pack

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Disposable Vape Mystery Bundle 5-Pack

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Disposable Vape Mystery Bundle 5-Pack

Disposable Vape Mystery Bundle Review

As one of our best promotions yet, we've managed to hit it out of the park with this deal on disposable vapes. We've collected a massive list of disposables with a remarkable range of flavors that we think you would enjoy. Indulge in delicious flavors from the industry's top brands. The Disposable Vape Mystery Bundle gives you the opportunity to explore 5 disposables with randomly chosen flavors for a reduced price. When you buy the Disposable Vape Mystery Bundle, you never know what you'll get!

In this listing, our staff will pick 5 disposable vapes at random, matching your preferred flavors. Each device is different and may contain a different capacity, puff count, and flavor. However, they all originate from some of the industry's top brands and will certainly provide a quality vaping experience throughout your time using them. Towards the bottom of this listing, we've included each brand and a description of what each brand's disposable has to offer.

The Disposable Vape Mystery Bundle is an incredible deal that is just too good to pass up. It allows you to experience 5 disposable vapes in a variety of flavors for a much lower price than normal. You have the opportunity to experience new tastes and pull you out of your comfort zone, ultimately opening up your airways to new and exciting flavors that you possibly wouldn't have experienced otherwise.

Disposable Vape Brands To Expect

Flum Vapor

The Flum Neno Disposable Vape is an outstanding device made by Flum Vapor. It is extremely compact and portable, making it a perfect option for those who are looking to be more discreet. It offers a high-capacity integrated battery, a 2mL vape juice capacity, and can deliver as many as 600 puffs with a delicious selection of flavors to choose from.


The Hitt XL Disposable Vape is yet another solid option for those looking for a high puff count disposable. The device is made by HittVape is one of the better choices on the market, as it features a hefty 1250mAh integrated battery, a massive 10mL vape juice capacity, and can provide up to 3000 puffs with two of its most popular flavors to choose from.

The Hitt Maxx V2 Disposable Vape is an option that is just as promising, boasting a compact design that takes portability to a new level. The device boasts a large 1000mAh integrated battery and has a huge 6.5mL vape juice capacity, ensuring you receive up to 1800 puffs and a delicious selection of flavors that you have the option to choose.


The Lush Dual Disposable Vape is an extraordinary device to own, and it's not just because of the feature that allows you to switch from one flavor to the next with a flip of a switch... or maybe it is. This device is small, lightweight, yet houses a 1200mAh integrated battery and an 8mL vape juice capacity. It has two compartments that are 4mL each and contain separate flavors in each. You'll enjoy up to 1250 puffs per flavor, giving you a total of 2500 puffs per device.

Smoking Vapor

The Art-X Disposable Vape is certainly one of the most interesting devices we've seen hit the market. The design is incredible, it's super sleep, remarkably compact, and gives you the best visuals to keep track of the level of vape juice available. It has a large integrated 700mAh rechargeable battery, a massive 9.3mL vape juice capacity, and can deliver up to 5000 puffs with plenty of tasty flavors available.


The Thirsty Disposable Vape is a solid choice when it comes to disposable devices. It comes with a large 800mAh integrated battery that is rechargeable, uses a Type-C charging port for speedy charging times, and comes equipped with a mesh coil and adjustable airflow to ensure solid performance. The device has a massive 10mL vape juice capacity as well and can offer as many as 3500 puffs with a range of delicious flavors to choose from.


The VaporLax 1500 Puff Disposable Vape is another great choice we've added to the list. This device is compact, sleek, and very capable of providing an amazing vaping experience. It has a 1000mAh integrated battery, a large 6.5mL vape juice capacity, and dishes out up to 1500 puffs with many tasty flavors available.

The VaporLax Sirius Disposable Vape is definitely one of our favorites, and boy do you have a selection of flavors that you'll be able to choose from. It's a very small and portable device that comes equipped with an integrated 1500mAh battery and a massive 10mL vape juice capacity, giving you up to 2200 puffs and many delicious flavors.

Pod Juice

The Pod Twist Disposable Vape by Pod Juice is an exceptional device, as it boasts a range of high-quality flavors. What makes this device extremely special is the large integrated battery, the 6.5mL vape juice capacity, and the ability to adjust the airflow to ensure you receive the perfect balance between flavor and vapor. It offers as many 2500 puffs per device and a delicious list of flavors to choose from as well.

Puff Ignite

The Ignite V15 Disposable Vape by Puff Ignite is definitely a leading choice when it comes to disposable devices. It features an integrated 850mAh battery and pairs well with a 5.1mL vape juice capacity, which is filled with synthetic salt nicotine vape juice. With the two combined, you can expect up to 1500 puffs and plenty of flavors to choose from.

The Ignite V25 Disposable Vape by Puff Ignite is even more impressive. It maintains a compact design, despite offering a larger capacity. With an integrated 1000mAh battery, and a 7.5mL vape juice capacity using synthetic salt nicotine vape juice, you can expect a lot from this device. It offers up to 2500 puffs and delivers a delicious symphony of flavors for you to choose from.

If you are looking for a deal of a lifetime, our Disposable Vape Mystery Bundle is exactly what you want. It is a selection of premium disposable vapes that allows you to bundle and save, and it's a complete mystery. We like creating deals, we like earning your business, and this promotion is just another way for us to prove it!