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Cuttwood Pick 3 Bundle 60ml (180ml)

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Cuttwood Pick 3 Bundle 60ML (180ML)

Filled to the rim with delicious flavors, there is nothing like owning a bottle of Cuttwood premium vape juice. The selection of flavors from this legendary brand is fascinating and has become a favorite for thousands of people around the world. To provide the best deal, our Cuttwood Pick 3 Bundle gives you the option of choosing as many as three 60mL bottles to total 180mL of Cuttwood vape juice. The bundle lets you choose from the entire collection of Cuttwood flavors, and even gives you the option to choose nicotine strengths, which includes 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. From dessert to fruit to morning cereal flavor to thick cream flavors, there are so many tastes to explore in this exclusive bundle.

Home to some of the finest vape juice flavors, Cuttwood has become a name that everyone knows and loves. It is a result of delicious tastes, incredible quality, and superb professionalism that goes into developing and manufacturing each bottle. Cuttwood made its entrance into the vapor space in 2016, quickly becoming an industry-leading brand. The large premium vape juice manufacturer is headquartered in Irvine, California, where it has a state-of-the-art facility, producing the world’s most iconic vape juice flavors. Years later, Cuttwood continues to dominate with its incredible blends by being everyone’s go-to source for the best ejuice.

Choose From:

  • Unicorn Milk - Loaded with delicious flavors, this incredible concoction is just the flavor you are looking for. It combines Cuttwood’s iconic strawberry flavor with a creamy custard base that you are sure to appreciate with every puff. From beginning to end, you will want to savor the delicious flavor.
  • Boss Reserve - Allow this unique taste to bombard the taste buds and deliver a flavor unlike any other. Imagine the sweet taste of a honey graham cracker flavor blended with diced bananas and roasted nut clusters. The trio of flavors provides an extraordinary taste you would not want to be without.
  • Tobacco Trail - The perfect flavor for anyone that enjoys the classic taste of tobacco. It is a unique flavor and has become a favorite for many due to its blended taste. It offers a traditional tobacco flavor that is both mild and sweet while being finished with a small layer of honey.
  • Bird Brains - Proving an unrivaled taste when it comes to cereal flavors, Bird Brains is all about offering the morning classic you’ve come to know and love. It consists of a tasty fruity cereal flavor that has been overcome by layers of thick, creamy milk. Every last puff will become one you will want to savor.
  • Mega Melons - Allow your taste buds to give into its craving by offering up this delicious blend of flavors. Mega Melons is an awesome trio that combines cantaloupe, papaya, and pineapple into one delectable creation. It’s a unique taste in flavor that you will find as an all-day-vape.
  • Sugar Drizzle - Created specifically for those people who are addicted to the incredible tasting cinnamon vapes, Sugar Drizzle is the go-to flavor. It offers a unique cinnamon flavor that is a duo of both graham crackers and cinnamon. This is an iconic flavor from Cuttwood that has become a favorite for thousands.

With an incredible selection of the industry’s most favorited vape juice, Cuttwood continues to top the leaderboards. It offers extraordinary flavors that feature an incredible range, spanning from desserts to cereals. If you truly want the best deal on the market for Cuttwood vape juice, this Cuttwood Pick 3 Bundle 60mL is for you.