Mystery by Chubby Bubble 60ml

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Mystery by Chubby Vapes 60ml

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Mystery by Chubby Vapes 60ml

Chubby Vapes Mystery E-juice Review

Release your innermost troublesome side and indulge in Mystery by Chubby Vapes 60ml. This fusion of candy and fruit vape juice is something that would drive even the sanest person you know crazy with its boozy flavors. The mystery will remind you of chewing on a mystery flavored piece of candy. 

Mystery by Chubby Vapes 60ml has a delightful flavor that will drive you crazy trying to figure out all of the different fruits involved in making this succulent juice. The sensation is like chewing on a piece of mystery flavored candy, however, with this sweet tooth quenching juice, you have more than just a few seconds to pinpoint different flavors. The luscious flavors of this juice don't disappear within seconds, they leave a delightful aftertaste to give you even more time to try and figure out exactly what flavors Mystery creates. 

On the inhale, the one flavor that sticks out the most is the candied strawberry e-juice. After that first hint of candy strawberry, multiple different fruit flavors combine leaving you in a frenzied state trying to figure out exactly what they are. On the exhale, it feels as if sweet fruit punch flavors roll over your taste buds, leaving them feeling refreshed and aching for more. The best part about Mystery is trying to pinpoint all of the flavors that are swirling around your taste buds. 

Become mischievous today with Mystery by Chubby Vapes 60ml, and trust that your life will never be as it once was before you tried this delectable juice.  Once you try this juice you will be looking for mysteries in every corner, watching true crime documentaries and playing Clue a lot more. Save on Mystery by Chubby Bubble today!

Flavor Profile: Candy, Fruit

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 70/30