Noms X2 Cactus Jackfruit Mandarin

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Cactus Jackfruit Mandarin by Noms X2 120ML

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Cactus Jackfruit Mandarin by Noms X2 120ML

Noms X2 Cactus Jackfruit Mandarin Vape Juice Review

Flushing out the old tastes and delivering an invigorating flavor that will have your mouth salivating from the first puff to the last, this spectacular blend of flavors will certainly become the highlight of your vaping journey. Cactus Jackfruit Mandarin by Noms X2 delivers an exciting vape by bringing you a trio of tastes to create the perfect vape.

What does Cactus Jackfruit Mandarin vape juice taste like? Cactus Jackfruit Mandarin by Noms X2 is a remarkable blend that has a unique taste where it's almost hard to describe. It meshes together a unique blend of cactus flavor and savory jackfruit flavor, then finishes with the citrus taste of mandarin oranges. It is certainly a go-to vape you can add to your rotation. It's just a matter of getting over the fact that the mixologists actually made such a daring blend, which happen to turn out to be one of the best mixes on the market. Cactus Jackfruit Mandarin by Noms X2 is available in a 120mL bottle and comes in nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

Noms X2 is a collection of extraordinary flavors that are bottled under the Nomenon E-Liquids brand, which consists of premium vape juice blends and a range of collections. The brand was created and developed by Lotus Vaping Technologies, a high-end manufacturing company that is headquartered in Boise, Idaho. It is known for creating flavors with the most complex tastes, which have been inspired by nostalgic and classic tastes. From a mixture of cactus and jackfruit to a blend of cherry lime and ginger, it's safe to say that the Noms X2 collection is a rare breed. Noms X2 is made using the highest quality ingredients, such as high-quality freebase nicotine and Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN) in its Free Noms collection.

Cactus Jackfruit Mandarin by Noms X2 is a delightful vape juice blend that will send your tastes into a world of new flavors to discover. It offers you the most satisfying experience as you enjoy cactus, jackfruit, and mandarin oranges.

Flavor Profile: Cactus, Jackfruit, Orange

Bottle Size: 120ML

VG/PG: 70/30