Candy King on Salt Berry Dweebz

Candy King On Salt

Berry Dweebz by Candy King on Salt 30ml

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Berry Dweebz by Candy King on Salt 30ml

Candy King Berry Dweebz Salt Nicotine Review

Candy King on Salt Berry Dweebz is a brilliantly crafted premium vape juice that many will find incredibly pleasing. It boasts just the right flavors to make you think of those nerdz candies that many of us remember from our childhood. From the first puff to the last, your taste buds will be incredibly pleased.

What is Berry Dweebz salt vape juice? Berry Dweebz by Candy King on Salt is one of the most pleasing vape juice flavors on the market. If there is one thing Candy King is known for, it is creating vape juice blends that take you back to the days of your childhood where candy played such a huge role in your excitement. Berry Dweebz is an amazing flavor, boasting loads of tasty berry and candy flavor, recreating that classic nerdz taste in a salt nicotine vape form.

Candy King is one of the industry's most reputable vape juice brands, and it's all thanks to DripMore, a premium vape juice manufacturing company that is known for creating and developing Candy King, one of the most successful vape juice brands to exist. They create tasty candy flavors that are available in regular and salt nicotine, such as Candy King on Salt. If you have learned one thing in vaping, it's that no one does it better than Candy King.

If you are looking for a solid vape juice flavor that will take you back in time, Berry Dweebz by Candy King on Salt is definitely one that will do it. It provides that classic candy flavor and berry taste that will surely keep you pleased with delicious excitement.

Flavor Profile: Berry, Candy

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 50/50

May Contain Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN)