Skwezed Banana Ice


Banana Ice by Skwezed E-liquid 100ml

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Skwezed Banana Ice Vape Juice 100ml

Skwezed Banana Ice Vape Juice Review

Mustering up yet another tasty vape to add to its growing collection of premium vape juice, Skwezed E-Liquid has developed a revision flavor to add to its original lineup. It has taken its famed banana flavor and blended it with a hefty dose of menthol, creating a vape that is incredibly cool and delicious.

What is Skwezed Banana Ice vape juice? Banana Ice by Skwezed E-Liquid is a masterful flavor concoction that provides a quite cool and succulent taste from the first time you take a puff to the very last puff you take. This brilliant blend of flavors will surely become one of your favorites. It consists of a deliciously sweet and ripe banana flavor, which is bombarded by an overwhelming addition of menthol flavor, creating the coolest and most refreshing vape you'll ever encounter. Each bottle boasts a 100mL capacity and is available in a variety of nicotine strengths, which includes 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg to ensure your nicotine cravings are quenched.

Headquartered in the heart of vaping culture, sunny California, Skwezed E-Liquid has become the go-to brand for delectable tastes. It is a premium vape juice brand that sits just under the umbrella of one of the industry's largest, most reputable manufacturing companies, VPR Collection. The manufacturer has created and developed a slew of the industry hit brands, such as Skwezed, The Bubble Co., and Dr. Frost, just to name a few. In its collection of Skwezed flavors, you will discover a range of delicious and unique tastes, such as Pistachio, Grape Fruit, and more. If you are looking for the best vape juice on the market, you'll find it from the Skwezed E-Liquid collection.

Skwezed Banana Ice vape juice offers a tasty vaping experience. It is one that is filled with tons of deliciously exotic flavor and blends well with a perfect addition of menthol. With the sweet and ripe taste of an exotic banana and a bone-chilling menthol flavor, there is nothing quite as cool and as satisfying as Banana Ice by Skwezed E-Liquid.

Flavor Profile: Banana, Fruit, Menthol

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 70/30