Aunt Meringue by Mr Meringue E-liquid 60ml


Aunt Meringue by Mr Meringue E-Liquid 60ml

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Aunt Meringue by Mr Meringue E-Liquid 60ml 

Aunt Meringue Ejuice Review

Aunt Meringue 60ml by Mr. Meringue is an authentic recreation of that savory meringue dessert flavor that has been fused with a juicy apple e-juice flavor. This apple pie vape juice flavored dessert has been baked to perfection with that golden-brown crust that is sure to delight. Any dessert vape juice lover will lose their mind over this delicious blend. 

Mr. Meringue E-liquid collection comes from the famous brand Charlie's Chalk Dust who is known for its savory high-quality premium flavors. Mr. Meringue arrives packaged in a 60ml bottle and is crafted with a PG/VG ratio of 70/30. This ratio provides an intense flavor experience while still giving that thick cloud of vapor on the exhale. On the inhale Aunt Meringue provides a rush of those sweet juicy apples that will intoxicate your taste buds with its rich and authentic flavor. This flavor is then complemented by a creamy custard pie flavor. This dessert base gives that authentic sweet meringue favor. On the exhale that apple flavor is intensified washing down that thick custard base.

Headquartered in Southern California, Mr Meringue has become one of the industry’s hottest brands within the past few years. It continues to thrill the tastes of thousands of consumers by providing a collection of deliciously crafted dessert flavors. There are flavors like Uncle Meringue and Aunt Meringue that range from fruity blends to the most delicious apple pie dessert. Mr Meringue is known for its savory tastes and the quality vaping experience it provides. It is a brand that falls within the umbrella of Charlies Chalk Dust, which is one of the industry’s largest manufacturing companies. It is known for developing premium vape juice flavors and a range of brands, including Pachamama, Stumps, Camp Fire, along with Black and White Label.

Aunt Meringue by Mr. Meringue is part of that e-juice family, and now it's sure to be apart of yours! You may not be a fan of your biological aunt but you are sure to be a fan of Aunt Meringue! 

Flavor Profile: Apple, Meringue, Pie

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 70/30