Arctic Wintergreen Freeze

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Arctic Wintergreen Freeze by Free Noms 120ML

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Arctic Wintergreen Freeze by Free Noms 120ML

Free Noms Arctic Wintergreen Freeze Vape Juice Review

Sharing a bone-chilling vape from the first puff to the very last, your taste buds will be excited to experience Arctic Wintergreen Freeze by Free Noms. It is a 120mL bottle of vape juice that blasts through your tastes to present a cool, mint, refreshing vape you can puff on all day long.

What is Free Noms Arctic Wintergreen Freeze vape juice? Arctic Wintergreen Freeze by Free Noms is a cool and refreshing vape that will definitely excite your tastes and leave you totally satisfied with the flavor. This dream of a vape flavor boasts a solid profile that will keep you amused from the first puff that you take to the last puff. When you inhale, you immediately notice the sweet taste of mint and ice-cold infusion of menthol flavor, leaving you with a refreshing vape that is just as satisfying when you exhale. Arctic Wintergreen Freeze by Free Noms is filled in a 120mL bottle and features quality Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN), which is available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg strengths.

Free Noms is a series of flavor profiles all using quality Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN) to create smooth and enjoyable vapes. It stands just beside the Noms X2 collection, which is housed under the umbrella of the Nomenon E-Liquids brand. Nomenon is created and developed by Lotus Vaping Technologies, one of the most reputable vaping manufacturers in the industry. It is an incredible company with tons of experience. The flavors it has created consist of fruity and exotic vape juice blends designed to provide the most extraordinary vaping experience, and it's all backed by a brand you can rely upon.

Arctic Wintergreen Freeze by Free Noms presents the most exciting flavor by combining a bone-chilling mixture of sweet and refreshing mint, along with a cold burst of menthol, making for the most thrilling all-day vape. It's a frigid vape we cannot wait for you to try for yourself.

Flavor Profile: Mint, Menthol

Bottle Size: 120ML

VG/PG: 70/30