7 Daze Fruit Mix Salt 30ml

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7 Daze Reds Apple Fruit Mix Salt 30ml

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7 Daze Reds Apple Fruit Mix Salt 30ml

7 Daze Reds Apple Fruit Mix Salt 30ml Review

7 Daze Reds Apple Fruit Mix Salt is a fusion of fruity flavors that will surely keep you on your toes. With this flavor extravaganza of vape juice, you will feel on top of the world with every puff. This fusion of sweet apples, zesty oranges, tangy pineapple, and delicious passion fruit will have your taste buds jumping for joy with every puff. 

What is 7 Daze Reds Apple Fruit Mix vape juice? Reds Apple Fruit Mix by 7 Daze is a magnificent flavor creation that combines mixed fruits with the 7 Daze signature apple flavor, giving you the perfect concoction of flavors. As you inhale 7 Daze Reds Apple Fruit Mix, the taste of red apple vape juice will have your mouth watering instantly. Then, the taste of a perfectly ripe orange will combine causing your taste buds to go into a frenzy. With every exhale the taste of pineapples and passion fruits will bring the entire flavor together. Reds Apple E Juice will quickly become your go-to vape juice brand for delicious apple flavor vape juices. 

7 Daze E Liquids has crafted a vape juice line of endless flavors that customers have wanted more of since the beginning. These vape juices have recreated delightful fruity flavors into a vape juice that will quickly become your next all-day vape. Reds Apple E Juice is sure to have you reaching for it until you've finished the very last drop. 

Reds Apple Fruit Mix Salt is a salt nicotine vape juice that will take your vaping to a whole new level. This flavor is so intense that with each puff you will fall head over heels! If you are looking for a perfect fruit mix where you can experience a variety of tastes, this mix of apples, oranges, passion fruit, and pineapples is definitely the one you should consider.

Flavor Profile: Apple, Orange, Pineapple, Passion Fruit 

Bottle Size: 30ml 

VG/PG: 50/50