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Hemp Wraps

Expanding into the world of hemp, we've struck gold with this new collection of hemp wraps. These durable wraps are made of fine quality hemp and provide an extraordinary smoking experience, which is THC-free, tobacco-free, nicotine-free, and GMO-free. It's an organic, vegan-friendly, slow-burning natural hemp wrap made specifically for smokers looking to break away from traditional tobacco and move to a cleaner, chemical-free toke.

Hemp wraps are one of the best additions to the smoking market, as of late. It has become one of the most popular ways to spark up and it gained its popularity not too long ago, in 2017. Although it hasn't been an option for very long, hemp wraps are becoming everyone's favorite alternative, making even the blunt wrap enthusiasts switch over for a variety of reasons. For starters, these wraps are gaining so much attention because they're 100% organic, so they won't contain any harmful chemicals or toxic adhesives that are often found in regular rolling papers and wraps, giving you a better, cleaner smoke with the risks. Not only that but hemp wraps are tobacco-free and do not contain any nicotine. Another big reason is the assortment of flavors. There are many flavors to choose from to please your tastes. Think of the delicious flavor offerings as an added bonus to whatever herbs you're smoking, enhancing the taste for an even more enjoyable experience.

Hemp Wraps Review

Humble Hemp Wraps

Humble Hemp Wraps are quickly becoming one of the industry's most popular brands when it comes to the smoking accessories market. This brand has taken the time to perfect every aspect of its product, from the creative packaging to the succulent taste and smell that each wrap produces. Humble Hemp Wraps is a leading choice for hemp wraps, boasting a 100% organic wrap that is clean of harmful chemicals or toxic additives. These natural wraps contain zero traces of nicotine, tobacco, THC, and are vegan friendly. Start over with a new "humble" beginning and break free of tobacco with the new Humble Hemp Wraps.


What Are Hemp Wraps?

Similar to regular blunt wraps, Hemp wraps are sheets of paper that are made from hemp. The wraps do not contain any tobacco or nicotine and are free of the many chemicals, such as glycerin, that are used in traditional tobacco wraps. They use 100% organic hemp, eliminating the concern of fertilizers, growth stimulants, and pesticides. Hemp wraps also do not contain any toxic adhesives, which are often found in traditional blunt wraps. Hemp wraps are intended to wrap or "roll" herbs for smoking. Unlike traditional wraps, Hemp wraps are rougher and have a dryer texture than tobacco wraps, which use chemicals to keep them moist.

What Are The Ingredients In Hemp Wraps?

Hemp Wraps come with minimal ingredients, relying on nature itself to provide the slow burn experience you receive from these quality wraps. Going with the organic approach, Hemp Wraps contain zero traces of tobacco, THC, and nicotine. Some companies use genetically modified hemp to create plants that are resistant to specific pathogens. The hemp wraps we've sourced for this collection only use organic hemp that does not endure the same conditions.

Where To Buy Hemp Wraps?

Although hemp wraps are still somewhat new to the market, chances are you'll have a hard time finding them at your local smoke shop. These companies have taken the time to come to the market by perfecting its hemp wraps, ensuring it is free from chemicals, and perfecting the flavors that are infused into each of them. One of the few, and best places to buy your hemp wraps is here at West Coast Vape Supply. We stock an entire collection of hemp wraps flavors, we're planning to add even more brands, and we have the best prices available as well.

How To Roll Hemp Wraps?

  1. To roll a hemp wrap, you must first grind roughly 1 to 1 1/2 grams of material (your favorite herb or flower). The amount of material you use will depend on how large in circumference you want your blunt to be. Be sure that you do not grind the material into dust.
  2. Next, you can take your hemp wrap and flatten it. Oftentimes, hemp wraps are rolled up in their packaging to maintain the structure of the paper.
  3. Now you will want to begin placing the material onto the center of the wrap and spread it out towards the edges, minimizing the amount of material you use.
  4. Then begin rolling the hemp paper back and forth, which will pack the hemp and nestle it into its new home. You will have to play with this step and learn how tightly it should be wrapped. This part will significantly affect the airflow and can produce a slow or faster burn.
  5. Finally, add some saliva onto the strip and roll the paper onto itself until it creates a seal to ensure that it sticks together. Once you've seen the paper is held in place, you're ready for a smoke session.

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