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It’s undeniably one of the industry’s most reputable brands, has created a swarm of loyal customers all around the globe. CBDfx has gained a reputation that has propelled it to success and has received glowing reviews with people saying “it’s natural and clean” and “the quality is outstanding”. When concerning the CBDfx brand, these are statements you’ll see quite often, as the company built a brand around the naturality of cannabidiol and providing products that go above and beyond when it comes to quality. While there are many people that plunder throughout the web for the next trending CBD brand, no matter how far astray, there is simply nothing that can quite compare to CBDfx, and that as they advertise, is where you “Feel The CBDfx Difference.”

Headquartered in Chatsworth, California, CBDfx has created a phenomenal brand that has gained extraordinary respect. It is the industry’s premier online CBD retailer with a massive offering of more than 50 cannabidiol products, all boasting the same high quality as its highly touted CBD Oil and CBD Gummies. It’s a company that has ultimately set the bar when it comes to standards. It’s seen as a brand that consists of nothing but forward-thinkers, as CBDfx is home to a hefty amount of cannabidiol products that were newly developed and far advanced compared to competitors. In fact, they created the first vegan gummy, terpene-infused CBD gummies, and they continually develop new and interesting products that deliver a sign to all that its awareness of CBD research and market trends is better than the competition. While we aren’t too naive to believe anyone or anything is perfect, CBDfx is definitely right there on the fence as the brand is nearly perfect in every facet.

Having extraordinary quality, a clean approach, and packaging that is flawlessly executed will certainly draw attention, a part of its success is because it creates some of the industry’s most unique products, with an appeal that feels as if you just purchased it from a high-end retail chain -- these products are truly that fascinating. The CBDfx Oil Tinctures are outstanding in providing the powerful benefits and effects of CBD. The CBDfx Gummies are incredible for those who prefer a vegan or gluten-free chewy that are accompanied by delicious flavor and the benefits of CBD, and it continues to develop new and interesting products such as the broad spectrum CBDfx Face Mask, which is available in Lavender, Cucumber, Charcoal, Aloe Vera, and Rose options. There are so many products that rest in the massive CBDfx portfolio, allowing you to experience the wonderful side of cannabidiol throughout a variety of delivery systems. Whether it’s from balms to creams to oils and even vapeables, our CBDfx Collection has you covered at every corner.

Looking closer into what makes CBDfx products so superior versus its competitors, you’ll see that the brand has a tendency to reimagine how you can use CBD products. Whether it’s from introducing its new line of CBDfx Rejuvediol that consists of products like a CBD Face Cleanser and CBD Massage Oil or it’s taking a traditional CBD Oil Tincture and putting a spin onto it by creating a full spectrum CBD oil tincture with the addition of MCT oil, including key fatty acids, amino acids, and vitamins, it’s certain that when you take a dropper, eat a gummy, or apply a cleanser using a CBDfx branded product, you’re getting the best of the best.

Here at West Coast Vape Supply, we are motivated to carry only the best possible brands, in which we feel delivers the best quality, potency, and effects. CBDfx is a brand that we were turned onto early and we are proud to partner with them in an effort to help you “feel the difference”.

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