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What Would the World Look Like Without Disposable Vapes?

Have you ever thought about what the world would look like without disposable vapes? Maybe not, but we're going to tell you. The world as we know it today has been designed to be convenient. Convenience is the number-one best-seller when it comes to products. And, vaping is no different. Without disposable vapes, some people would be using big clunky mods, and unfortunately, some people would even go back to smoking traditional cigarettes. The world would look much different, and we're going to explain how in this article. Stay tuned!

People Would Go Back To Smoking Cigarettes

Sadly, if disposable vapes didn't exist many people would rather stay with cigarettes rather than using a larger device that isn't always as convenient as they'd like it to be. For many people, disposables are an easier, more convenient and overall better alternative to smoking cigarettes, but without these devices to soothe people's cravings, they'd go back to what they know.

Vaping Wouldn't Be Nearly As Popular

Vaping is a huge thing with a large community that many have loved even before disposables came to the light. However, we can't deny that without disposables vapes, we might not have seen our favorite brands succeed as highly as we would hope. These devices brought many people who want the convenience, but without that, we wouldn't have as large of a following as we do now.

Many of Your Favorite Brands Wouldn't Exist

There are many up and coming brands, and brands that we know and love that, without disposable vapes, sadly wouldn't exist. Without disposables existing, many brands, sadly, wouldn't have even began to exist. Because these devices are so cheap, you wouldn't be as inclined to try new flavors. For example, Flum Vapor became a brand because of its disposable vapes, and without those products, Flum Vapor would possibly never have made it up against the already saturated market of vape juice.



Vaping Would Be More Expensive

When you see disposable vapes in gas stations, grocery stores, and even online, they're usually, thankfully, not too expensive. However, without disposable vapes that probably wouldn't be the case. Without these devices, we'd only be left with mods, and they're always the cheapest option. Combined with the expenses of mods themselves, vape juices, replacement parts, and many other factors, vaping would be a lot more expensive than how we know now. See below some of our most affordable disposable vapes.

We Wouldn't Have As Many Alternative Options

As you may have seen, the alternative products market has increased significantly. There are many brands that have come out, such as Cake, and without disposable vapes, brands like this probably wouldn't exist or at least have become the brands they are today. They allow you to experience extracts through a range of disposable vapes, like the Delta 8 Disposable Vape by Cake and the Sleeper Blend Disposable Vape by Cake.


As you've read, the world would look much different without disposable vapes. They've made vaping a possible option for those die-hard smokers, they've introduced you to new flavors that you normally wouldn't consider, and vaping wouldn't be nearly as popular without them. What we're trying to do writing this article is to show you just how much these disposable devices have affected, not only the industry, but the world as we know it. If you are a smoker and want to make the switch to vaping, these devices are the best and most affordable option, and if you just want to try new flavors, the affordability of them makes it possible.

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