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What Is The Most Popular Disposable Vape?

Though we're not able to tell you what the best disposable vape is, considering that it's all based on a matter of opinion, we can most definitely tell you what the most popular disposable vape is, which is based on cold hard facts... or at least the numbers we're seeing when it comes to sells.

Within our store, there are tons of disposables to choose from, and they can fit anyone's preference. Whether you're looking for a device that has a large puff count, one that has adjustable airflow, one that delivers the most satisfying tastes, or one that offers a combination of them all, we've got quite the selection to choose from and it's likely you'll find your favorite. Out of them all, what is the most popular vape? We'll answer just that in this new blog.

The Most Popular Disposable Vape

Bang Disposable Flavors

While devices like the Flum Ultra, Niin Air, and I Love Salts disposable vapes are slowly making their way to the top, it is without a doubt that the Bang Disposable Vape is the most popular of them all. There are several versions of this device, including the Bang XL and Bang XXL. With tons of great flavors, high puff counts, a large capacity, and a sleek and appealing design, the Bang Disposable Vape is by far one of the most popular in our arsenal.

Bang XL Disposable Vape: The Bang XL Disposable offers you a compact design that looks incredibly appealing. The device offers a 2mL vape juice capacity, a hefty battery capacity, and can deliver up to 600 puffs per unit. It is a super convenient vape that features a draw-activated firing mechanism, it comes in a variety of tasty flavors, and uses 6% (60mg) salt nicotine for total satisfaction.

Bang XL Disposable Vape

Bang XXL Disposable Vape: The Bang XXL Disposable presents a similar design and provides a compact size, as well as the good looks to go along with it. It boasts a massive 9mL vape juice capacity, features a 600mAh integrated battery, and is totally rechargeable. With 5% (50mg) salt nicotine and a delicious set of flavors, you can expect upwards of 3500 puffs per unit, giving you even more time vaping.

Bang XXL Disposable Vape

The Numbers Don't Lie

The Bang Disposable is the best-selling disposable vape in our store. The numbers don't lie. To backup this statement, you can simply navigate to our disposable collection, look to the right and use our built-in filter, which gives you the ability to change from new to old, featured, best-selling, and more. If you choose best-selling, you'll see a list of our best-selling vapes, starting from the best to the least. Bang is right at the top and the drip bar falling close behind.

Why Is Bang The Most Popular?

Bang is one of the most popular disposable vapes because of a few different reasons. You may be wondering why everyone prefers it over the many other disposables in our vape collection, and we've got an idea as to why. It all comes down to the size, flavor, performance, and cost. Let's go over each of them for you in more detail.


The size of the bang devices are perfect for anyone who is looking for a vape that doesn't enjoy lugging around big mods or pod systems. Having the ability to easily slide it in a pocket without it protruding or having extra weight to tote around is definitely one of the reasons why people enjoy using this device.


The flavor is definitely one of the best parts of these Bang devices. The mixologists behind the brand has taken the time to perfect each flavor, giving a delicious experience that makes its taste worthy of your hard-earned dollar. From mouthwatering fruit flavors to bone-chilling menthol flavors, there's much to look forward to.


The performance of Bang disposables is certainly one of the reasons why people are drawn to these particular vapes. Between the perfect amount of airflow, just the right vapor production, and enough power to keep it consistent, enjoying this performance-driven vape is something many people look forward to each day.


The cost of the Bang Disposable Vape is without a doubt why it is the most popular disposable vape. Despite all of the great flavors, the capacity, performance, and its small and convenient size, the cost is extremely low compared to other vapes on the market. Partake in one of the most popular disposable vapes for as low as $9.95.

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