West Coast Vape Supply on Vaping and Safety

Here at West Coast Vape Supply we have been and will continue to be committed to providing our customers with safe and top shelf products. As a distributor of vaping hardware, e-cigarettes, and vape juice we are concerned with the recent reports of health hazards related to vaping. With our dedication to our customers safety we take many preventative steps to protect that safety and health and we always ensure that we are selling quality products. We will continue to work incessantly to raise customer safety and health to an all time high. We are certain that we provide our customers with the best product on the market. Below we will address some of the questions we have received from our customers in light of the recent reports. 

Have any of West Coast Vape Supply Customers Reported Health Issues Related to the Products We Sell?

  • It has not been brought to our attention that our products have health issues related to them.
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA), local and state health departments, and different clinical and public health relatives are investigating all of the recent reports of sickness that could be linked back to vaping. The results so far suggest that numerous of the acute health issues come from certain dangerous additives within cannabis oil that is found on the illicit markets.
  • West Coast Vape Supply do not sell or make cannabis oil. All of the vaporizer pens we sell come empty and it is up to the customer to add the wax, oil, or dry herbs. 
  • Most of the vaporizers that we sell are dry herb and wax vaporizers that use heat instead of liquid, that cuts out any contact with oil or dangerous additives.

What Preventive Measures Does West Coast Vape Supply Take to Ensure Customer Safety?

  • West Coast Vape Supply does not sell any vaporizer that comes with cannabis oil, Delta 8 carts, wax or dry herb it in. All of our cannabis related vaporizers are shipped to the customer empty and it is up to the customer what they would like to put in it; wax, oil, or dry herb. 
  • With this process it prevents our vaporizer hardware from being sent out to our customers with any of the illicit materials within the vape. 
  • All of our vaporizer hardware comes from the manufacturer or verified third parties and we are working on implementing a way for our customers to easily find out if the product is counterfeit imitating legitimate ones..

What Preventive Measures Do West Coast Coast Vape Supply Take to Prevent the Sale of E-Cigarettes to Minors?

  •  Minors should not have access to e-cigarettes or any other vaping related products and we take our responsibility to keep our marketing and our sells out of their hands very seriously. 
  • Our belief is that the appropriate controls to obstruct the sale and use of e-cigarettes and other vaping methods by minors are critical. Not only do we happily comply with every single one of the current regulations we have taken further action by making our website strictly 21+. 
  • We are currently using AgeChecker.net to verify everyone's age when they place an order with us. AgeChecker.net is one of our nation's best age verification systems to date. 
  • We support the additional legal regulations to ensure that no minor has access to vaping devices or e-juices such as; our website is strictly 21 and up and we only allow wholesalers that are brick-and-mortar shops that verify age and identification as soon as you walk in the door and again and the point of purchase.

Are You Going To Stop Selling Vaping Devices?

  • Here at West Coast Vape Supply we strongly believe that e-cigarettes and other devices play a key role in helping adults stop smoking cigarettes. We do plan to continue sales of these products to adult customers in a responsible manner that complies with all current and future laws.
  • Taking away the access of companies that manufacture e-cigarettes only creates a bigger risk of customers turning to the illicit market and combustible cigarettes that are far more dangerous.
  • All of our vaping devices and vaping related products are going to continue being sold as long as they comply with all current laws. At the release of any future laws we will adjust our products in accordance. 

We do sincerely hope that we have answered any and all of your questions concerning your safety. Here at West Coast Vape Supply we do pride ourselves on keeping our customers happiness and safety in mind with every purchase made.

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