Welcome to the World of RBAs and RDAs

Welcome to the World of RBAs and RDAs

One of the fascinating aspects of vaping is the fact that it offers a vast degree of personalize and customization. In this regard, it is now possible to get e-liquids in a vast array of flavors. It is also possible to mix several e-liquid flavors to come up with your preferred vaping flavor. The strengths offered by various e-juices also vary greatly, allowing you to choose the appropriate strength, depending on your vaping level. This being the case, these gadgets offer vapers unique vaping experiences. With regards to customization options offered by these gadgets, choosing the right atomizer for your device can be a bit confusing.

There are various atomizer types out on today’s market, each of which is different from the others. The rebuildable atomizers are some of the most preferred atomizer options today. In this regard, those moving up the vaping ranks often get confused when it comes to choosing between a RBA and a RDA. Throughout this article, you will find out what makes the two options different and tips on how to make the best atomizer choice.

What are RBAs?
RBA is an acronym that is often used to refer to Rebuildable Atomizers. As compared to RDAs, the RBAs have tanks to hold the e-liquid. In this regard, the RBAs are like most non-customizable deivces--in that you just need to refill the liquid and continue using the device for an extended period without having to refill the tank. However, this option is perfect if you are looking forward to customizing the wick and coil used in your e-cigarette or MOD. As compared to the RDAs, the wicks and coils in the RBAs are comparatively harder to customize and replace.

What are RDAs?
The acronym RDA, in vaping world, is used to refer to Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. These atomizers are also referred to as drippers. These types of atomizers are more customizable, as compared to RBAs. RDAs are unique in that they don’t have a tank to hold the e-liquid. As such, the lqiuid in these atomizers is exclusively contained within the coil and the wick. While there are some RDA models that have small wells or pits for holding the juice, they can only hold up to certain amounts. The fact that you must supply the gadget with liquid drops regularly can be very inconvenient for some users. However, this can also be a benefit in that you can regulate the amount of lqiuid vaporized by the unit.

Why Choose Any of These Atomizers?
For you to have a great vaping experience when moving up to this level, you should opt for a unit that offers more customization. This allows you to regulate various aspects to achieve your desired experience. Again, your choice of either of the two atomizer options may also be determined by your usage patterns. If you are looking for a more mobile atomizer, the RBA is perfect. However, the RDAs are the best for vapers who would like to gain control over each puff.

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