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VGOD Vape Juice - The Industry's Most Iconic Vape Brand

If you’re an industry veteran, you may have noticed several brands come and go. There are some that attempt the get-rich-quick scheme, some that just don’t have the marketing power, and others that create products that simply don’t meet the standard, nevertheless exceed it. Throughout the many vape brands that have cycled, there has been one very distinct brand that made such an enormous impact on the trajectory of vaping and the culture behind it, that they’ll always be known as the industry’s most iconic vape brand, and that is VGOD Vape Juice.

What Is VGOD?

VGOD is a premium vape juice that creates, develops, and manufactures its arsenal of vaping products in the United States. The brand had an early start in the industry, establishing itself in 2013 just before the vaping boom. While the name was certainly one that drew interest, the meaning behind it is rather conflicting, something believing it means “Vape God”, while others believe it stands for “Vape Gang or Die”.

No matter the abbreviation or reference in terminology, the most passionate vapers flocked to the brand, and a whole new culture within the industry was created. VGOD is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, founded by four just-as-passionate vapers, including Johnny Gromis, Tim Miranda, Issac Perez, and Zachary Berge. Little did these guys know at the time, they would create an entire movement in vaping culture.

The Originators of TrickLyfe

Throughout the movement VGOD initiated, they began transforming vaping into more than just people wanting to find harm reducing alternatives and the satisfaction of nicotine, they wanted to allow people to express themselves and create an entire lifestyle around the art of vaping, which is how “tricking” was born.

“Tricking was born, based on the principle of art, with an ability to personify itself into a lifestyle that can move culture and change the direction of the world around us. That is TrickLyfe.”

A team of tricksters was formed using some of the industry’s most talented individuals with the capability of performing using the vapor that they enjoy each day. Brand ambassadors like Danny Lolo, a godsend when it comes to ‘launching’, to Jordan Flippin, which makes the ‘triple shark split’ look easy, these guys are dishing out some stunning tricks that defy what is possible. Behind the VGOD TrickLyfe, a culture and hype were created, along with more than 1.95 million fans across the world. It was a new era of vaping.

VGOD Vape Juice

VGOD Salt Nic

Powering the tricksters and fans is VGOD Vape Juice. It is a premium product that is tested, produced, and bottled in the United States, and features some of the industry’s most sought out flavors. It offers a serious collection of flavored blends that are available in freebase and salt nicotine, which offer delicious tastes from every puff. The VGOD Salt Nicotine collection has stood out the most as the years have rolled on, as the industry has shifted from mods to pods. You can explore the fascinating range of flavors, which range from VGOD’s popular Lush Ice flavor to its award-winning Cubano flavor.


The VGOD Vape Juice brand has come a long way. While it may have had humble beginnings, it has grown into an iconic vape brand, leading the way forward, creating a culture and lifestyle, and inspiring others to follow. From its edgy persona to the fascinating collection of premium products, it’s easy to see why VGOD has solidified itself in the history books of vaping.

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