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by Ben Luong May 02, 2018

We Now Offer Vape Juice Bundles

We are excited to announce that we have launched a full selection of vape juice bundles for all of the popular premium vape juice brands we stock to help you save more money.

Expect to see many of your favorite vape brands at an even more discounted price when purchasing a ejuice bundle from West Coast Vape Supply.

As of now we offer "pick 3" bundles so you will be able to choose 3 flavors from brands like Naked 100 a stellar collection of high quality fruit flavors where you can choose 3 60ml bottles for only $31.99, savory 120ml bottles of Loaded Eliquid, the iconic Cuttwood vape juices, One HIt Wonder Eliquids, Candy King and much much more! 

There’s now less confusion with shuffling through our collections of ejuice flavors, enjoy additional discounts with our vape juice bundles. Be sure to check out all the vape juice bundles West Coast Vape Supply has to offer.


Naked 100 Bundle Product Page   Naked 100 Pick 3 Bundle - $31.99 

Loaded Pick 3 Bundle  Loaded 120ml Pick 3 Bundle - $38.99

Uncle Junks 60ml Pick 3 Bundle  Uncle Junks 60ml Pick 3 Bundle - $34.99

Candy King Pick 3 Bundle Main Candy King Pick 3 Bundle - $35.99

Kilo Black Series 60ml Pick 3 Main Kilo Black Series 60ml Pick 3 Bundle - $36.99


Ben Luong
Ben Luong

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