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by Ben Luong January 25, 2018

Introducing the new Glazed Strawberry by Pancake House

If you like starting your day off with pancakes, or enjoy going to "breakfast served all day" restaurants the new Pancake House e liquid line is for you. From the guys that created GOST eliquids this line is a breakfast lover's dream come true. 

Glazed Strawberry is a 100ml bottle of vape juice that accurately replicates freshly made buttermilk pancakes topped with sweet and tangy strawberry syrup that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. On inhale similar to taking a bite of syrup topped pancakes, your taste buds will be complimented with a delightful dash of sweet strawberry syrup quickly followed by a hint of tangy strawberry seeds which is only half of what this flavor offers. On exhale freshly made buttermilk pancakes will take over and perfectly balance out the strawberry with a sweet and smooth tasting sensation. This vape liquid flavor is an ideal choice for any vaper who enjoys a high quality all day vape. 

If you are a fan of of Glazed Strawberry by Pancake house don't forget to check out our other pancake flavors

Ben Luong
Ben Luong

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