The Latest Vape News

The Latest Vape News - November 2022

In this months latest news breakdown, we share information about the FDA's next round of warning letters, some upcoming deals to get ready for, and a list of new products we thought you would want to know about. To get caught up on the latest industry news, our company news, and product news, continue reading!

So, here is what's happening...

The Latest Industry News

As tiring as it is, the FDA is once again taking the headlines, and it's with yet another slew of warning letter that have been sent out. This time the letters were issued to five manufacturers, in which the Food and Drug Administration claims to have been targeting youth. To much surprise, however, four of those manufacturers are based in China.

You are probably aware that the FDA doesn't regulate Chinese manufacturers, so the warnings are ultimately useless. The manufacturers were actually issued warning letters for 90s-themed vaping devices that mimicked nostalgic Nintendo Game Boy devices. Not that children would even recognize or choose a Game Boy over the devices that are made in 2022, the FDA insisted on sharing in a press release that "Wizvapor's novelty vapes are "likely to promote use of the product by youth by imitating children's toys and gaming products."

Our Latest Company News

Black Friday Sale

We have plenty of company news to share, and as always, it's deals, deals, deals. It's that time of year where there are many savings to be had. The once-a-year sales begin on Thanksgiving, then carries on to Black Friday, and another for the Christmas Holiday, and let us not forget the New Year's sale as well. Around this time of the year is the best time to stock up on all of your favorite vape gear, as prices are significantly reduced.

The Latest Product News

If there is one thing you should have learned by now is that the vaping industry is constantly evolving, and brands and manufacturers are releasing new products every week it seems like. As one of the industry's leading online retailers, it is our job to make sure we're one of the firsts to get these products and offer them to you at the lowest price possible - it's what separates us from the rest. With that said, we've got a hefty list of products we need to share with you.

From the Cali Bars V2 Disposable Vape to a whole new line of Cali Juice vape juice, we've got plenty of products that is worth your attention. Feel free to check out some of our latest products below!

Cali Bars V2 Disposable Vape

The Cali Bars V2 Disposable Vape is extremely impressive. It's the latest version of the original Cali Bars disposable, and it's even better than it was previously. It maintains the same quality and durability you've come to expect, and is just as convenient, since it's pre-filled and pre-charged right out of the box. What has changed is that it now features an integrated 550mAh rechargeable battery, and can be recharged using its Type-C charging port. Another big change is that the Cali Bars V2 has a massive 15mL vape juice capacity, a 1.2ohm mesh coil, and delivers up to 7W of power. You'll experience up to 6000 puffs and a list of delicious flavors to choose from.


BIFFBAR Lux Disposable Vape

The BIFFBAR Lux Disposable Vape is a vaping device that was created for those who enjoy the more finer things in life, except this time the price doesn't quite match up. It is a luxurious device that is box-shaped and features a leather inlay, which is available in various colorways. Aside from its good looks, the device is very convenient, offers great performance, longevity, and a range of flavors to choose from. The BIFFBAR Lux has an integrated 650mAh rechargeable battery, Type-C charging port, and boasts a large 13mL vape juice capacity, earning you up to 5500 puffs and the most satisfying list of flavors. To boost its performance and flavor output, it also features a premium mesh coil.


Geek Bar B5000 Disposable Vape

The Geek Bar B5000 Disposable Vape is one you already know will provide a great performance. The device was created by GeekVape, one of the industry's largest and most popular manufacturing brands. GeekVape is known for its mods (advanced devices with display screens, wattage adjustment etc.,), and now it's gaining some respect in the world of disposable vapes as well. The Geek Bar B5000 is compact, portable, and very convenient to use. It's pre-filled and pre-charged, as you would expect. It sports an integrated 650mAh rechargeable battery, and can be charged using its Type-C charging port. It also boasts a 14mL vape juice capacity, giving you as many as 5000 puffs to explore, alongside a range of amazing flavor creations.


Cali Juice by Cali Pods

Cali Juice by Cali Pods is a whole collection of premium vape juice. The same flavors are found throughout its entire collection of disposable vapes, which is how the Cali Pods name gained its fame. Along with quality ingredients, smooth puffs, and amazing tastes, alongside satisfying nicotine, there is little to be desired. Cali Juice can be experience in both freebase and salt nicotine forms. Cali Juice is available in 100mL bottles and can be enjoyed in nicotine strengths of 3mg and 6mg, while Cali Juice Salt Nic is available in 30mL bottles and can be enjoyed in salt nicotine strengths of 50mg.


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