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The 4 Best Wholesale Vaping Products

Due to a constant outpour of vaping products, local and online retail stores are overwhelmed by the sheer amount. If you listened to every customer and purchased the wholesale vaping products that they’re interested in, you could have thousands of SKUs just in devices or vape juices. Vape store owners know that you should never buy in large quantities because you can have too much product, which leads to old, unsold, outdated vaping equipment.

To make sure that you aren’t left with unsold or outdated products, it takes a hefty amount of research and picking and choosing a careful collection. To spare you time and free you of constant research, since vaping trends continue to evolve, we are sharing some of our own proven strategies that we give to our wholesale clients. There are four main types of products that you should always keep stocked. Anything beyond these four types of products should be purchased in very low quantities, as you will want to put most of your product budget towards best-selling product types.

Best Wholesale Vaping Products

1. Regular Vape Juice

Regular vape juice, otherwise known as freebase vape juice or sub-ohm vape juice, is the very most important product you can stock in your store. It is the most sold wholesale vaping product and the best-selling product in retail stores. Regular vape juice is the driving force behind your business, as it is regularly consumed and keeps your customers returning. When a customer buys a vape mod, they buy the device and will use it for months and even years. It takes avid vapers weeks and even days sometimes to go through a 60mL bottle of vape juice. We recommend that you bring in a few brands to start, stock low quantities, and judge your future orders based on what brands and flavors sell the most.

2. Salt Nicotine Vape Juice

Salt nicotine vape juice is definitely a type of product that you should always stock. Salt nicotine vape juice has become extremely popular, and a lot of the market is being directed towards vape pods and salt nicotine vape juice. While many vapers are into regular vape juice, there is a heap of new vapers that prefer salt nicotine vape juice because of the higher nicotine strengths. We believe that the salt nicotine vape juice category will only continue to grow, therefore we urge you to make sure these types of products are in your store. Identical to regular vape juice, we recommend that you bring in a few brands to start, stock low quantities, and judge your future orders based on what brands and flavors sell the most.

3. Vape Pods

Vape pods have recently become one of the best wholesale vaping products to add to your store. With the technology backing these devices, your customers can now use both regular and salt nicotine vape juice in these devices. The versatility is perfect for your store, as this means you will need to stock fewer vaping devices, yet still have a way for your customers to take advantage of two product types in your store, regular and salt nicotine vape juice. Choose a few vape pods, order low quantities, and judge your next order based on the current vaping trends.

4. Disposable Vapes

Disposables vapes are a type of vaping product that is a must. The devices are disposable, so you’ll have customers coming back within a short period of time. They’re cheap wholesale vaping products, cheap for your customers, and provide the satisfaction that you want to keep your customers coming back for more. We urge you to purchase a variety of brands and flavors, as disposable vapes cost less and sell easier.

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