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by Samantha Staves December 07, 2018

Nitro's Cold Brew Coffee Ejuice Review

Nitro's Cold Brew Coffee E-Juice dedicated to bringing their loyal customers the most mouth-watering coffee flavors that they crave. Nitros Cold Brew Coffee Ejuice flavors taste as if you're sipping on your favorite iced coffee from your go-to coffee shop.

Nitro's Cold Brew Coffee Flavor Review

Nitros Cold Brew Macchiato

Nitros Cold Brew Coffee Ejuice Machiato

Nitro's Cold Brew Coffee Macchiato delivers the mouth-watering taste of a perfectly blended macchiato coffee that will have your jaw on the floor with the first puff. This vape juice is something that you won't be able to put down. As you inhale Nitro's Cold Brew Coffee, the gooey caramel flavor hits your taste buds causing them to go into a frenzy. As you exhale, the macchiato flavor combines with the caramel creating a fantastic coffee flavor that will kick you into motion no matter what. 

Nitros Cold Brew Vanilla Bean

Nitros Cold Brew Coffee Ejuice Vanilla Bean

Nitro's Cold Brew Coffee Vanilla Bean provides the delightful taste of a vanilla bean iced coffee. This flavor is so authentic that you won't believe your taste buds. As you inhale, the vanilla bean flavor caresses your taste buds in the most delectable way. As you exhale Nitro's Cold Brew Coffee Vanilla Bean, the vanilla bean taste combines with the coffee flavor to create the best coffee vape juice you'll ever be able to experience. This vape juice is coming for your heart. 

Nitros Cold Brew White Chocolate Mocha

Nitros Cold Brew Coffee Ejuice White Chocolate Mocha

Nitro's Cold Brew White Chocolate Mocha will cause your taste buds to tingle in excitement like no other vape juice on the market. This vape juice has just the right amount of sweetness mixed with the bitterness of coffee to keep you coming back for more and more. As you inhale Nitro's Cold Brew Coffee White Chocolate Mocha, the taste of white chocolate floods your taste buds giving them the sweetness they crave. As you exhale, the mocha flavor combines creating a coffee flavor that you will never tired of. 

Nitros Cold Brew Almond Cappuccino

Nitro's Cold Brew Ejuice Almond Cappuccino

Nitro's Cold Brew Almond Cappuccino fuses the taste of creamy almond milk and cappuccino to create a coffee flavor that will have you feeling as if you're on top of the world. As you inhale, the creamy almond milk flavor will wash over your taste buds awakening them in the best possible way. As you exhale, the cappuccino flavor combines with the almond milk to create a coffee flavor that will have you going crazy. 

Nitros Cold Brew Coffee Ejuice has a variety of coffee flavors so no matter what mood you're in you'll be able to indulge in their delightful treats. These vape juices give you the ability to indulge in your favorite coffee flavors without any worries about calories or jitters.

Samantha Staves
Samantha Staves

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