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by Alham Benyameen January 16, 2017 1 Comment

Magic Man Ejuice Review

One Hit Wonder Eliquid is known to be on of the top vape brand eliquid manufactures, is now producing the best gummy snack ejuice available in a 100ml vape juice bottle. Magic Man Ejuice flavor is getting rave reviews for it’s assorted gummy snack flavor profile. This may be because real fruit juice flavoring helps to make this candy vape juice deliver robust flavor which is what so many people love. Many vape consumers appreciate the fact that Magic Man ejuice gummy snack flavor vape juice delivers the soft and chewy flavor that vapers are craving.

Magic Man Ejuice by One Hit Wonder Eliquid 100ml

One Hit Wonder Magic Man Review

Magic Man ejuice if flavorful and aromatic, may be what makes One Hit Wonder Ejuice now the preferred choice of countless vape juice candy flavors available in the vaping industry.

When you inhale Magic Man vape juice a burst of refreshing watermelon and gummy candies makes your mouth dazzle. As you exhale, a variety of trifecta of  fruity oranges, grape and lemon rushes across the palate, making you feel like you’re eating those gummy candy we all crave.

Thanks for reading my One Hit Wonder ejuice review!

Alham Benyameen
Alham Benyameen

1 Response

Olivia McNeil
Olivia McNeil

January 22, 2017

Hi Melanie! How would you say this compares to MOKU OYATSU white Gummi?

I have not had the pleasure of trying magic man by OHW, so hopefully soon I can review that one for myself :)

Thanks in advance- Olivia

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