How To Make Vape Juice

How To Make Vape Juice

If you are an avid vaper, there is a good chance you’ve at least thought about the possibilities of making your own vape juice. Whether it is to formulate your own blend for your own specific tastes or to cut down on some of the costs associated with premium vape juice, it isn’t uncommon to think about it or at least try it.

Though many of us ponder the idea of possibilities, there are a variety of reasons why people do not act on it. Here are a few reasons why people do not make their own vape juice.

  • You don’t have the knowledge or skills to make vape juice.
  • You rather trust the professionals with a solution you vape.
  • The initial cost is too expensive.
  • You don’t know where to buy the ingredients.
  • It is more convenient to let the professionals make vape juice.

While the ingredients in vape juice may be simple, blending them all together at safe and enjoyable ratios can be quite the task for someone that has no experience as a vape juice mixologist. This is why more often than not, consumers rely on professional manufacturing brands to create their vape juice. It may not be cheaper but you don’t have to learn anything, you aren’t taking risks, you don’t have to source any ingredients, and it just comes down to it being so much more convenient to let the professionals handle it for you.

How To Make Vape Juice

It is very informative and interesting to know how to make vape juice, whether you plan to do anything with the knowledge or not. Making vape juice isn’t easy by any means. In fact, there are many calculations that go into perfecting vape juice. The largest vape juice brands even use software that calculates the formula for them, and some of them also have machines that dispense the perfect ratio. This software the machines used are there to prevent mistakes, keep vape juice formulations consistent, and to of course reduce some of the burdens on the manufacturers. If you plan to make your own vape juice or just want to learn about it, this is how you make vape juice.

  1. Source and buy the ingredients that will go into creating your vape juice.
  2. Source and buy all of the instruments you will need to mix and make the vape juice.
  3. Search for a DIY Vape Juice Calculator on the Internet (
  4. Input your desired vape juice amounts, nicotine base solution, and flavoring.
  5. Blend all ingredients together at a specific percentage (percentage amounts from the calculator).
  6. Shake well and enjoy!

You can make vape juice pretty easily with the help of a calculator. Even when you have access to these calculators, buying the necessary equipment and ingredients can certainly come with a hefty initial cost. And then, there is the part of actually mixing it yourself, and doing it perfectly and safely. Vape manufacturing brands have become so popular because they many of the problems consumers often face with making their own vape juice. Sure, if we go to the home improvement store and buy the materials and buy the machinery and search up tutorials, we can all definitely build our own table. However, building your own dinner table requires a lot from the everyday person, like experience, machinery, knowledge, material, and so much more. This is why we simply go to the furniture store and buy the table. Premium vape juice is premium not because it is made in such a different way than any other vape juice, it is what goes into creating it, perfecting it, and keeping it all safe and consistent.

Where Can I Buy Vape Juice?

If you want to skip the long and often frustrating road of DIY vape juice or having to make vape juice, West Coast Vape Supply has the largest selection of brands and flavors. We have been serving the vape industry for years with some of the most competitive pricing on vape juice. If you want to skip the hassle and just give flavor mixing a shot without the knowledge and everything else, we have Unflavored Ejuice by Air Factory and V.P.N Mix by Humble Juice Co that allows you to create your own blends. The propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and nicotine are already blended for you, you’ll just have to add your own flavor.

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