Vape Tricks

How To Do Vape Tricks: Select The Right Vape & Start Practicing From Beginners To Advanced Level

Learn how to do vape tricks with our comprehensive blog post. Whether you’re a beginner hoping to impress your friends or an experienced vaper with an eye on leveling up your skills, our guide will help you choose the right vape and learn the techniques for various popular tricks. Get ready to blow some minds with mesmerizing vape clouds and impressive techniques from basic to advanced levels!

Key Takeaways

  1. Vape tricks are a great way to express yourself and impress friends, but it is important to practice good vape safety when learning.
  2. A vape mod and a high-quality e-liquid with high VG content are crucial for performing tricks effectively.
  3. There are many vape tricks to learn, ranging from beginner to advanced.
  4. Beginner tricks can be learned within a few days to a couple of weeks, and you can build on them to master advanced tricks over the subsequent weeks or months.
  5. We sell high-quality vapes and e-liquids that offer everything you need to pull off tricks at any level and enjoy the vaping experience.

Table of Contents

    How To Do Vape Tricks

    Vaping enthusiasts love learning and showing off vape smoke tricks, showcasing creativity and skill by manipulating vapor clouds into various shapes. From vape tricks for beginners like blowing O’s to more complex displays like tornadoes and jellyfish, vape tricks are a great way to show off and also express oneself artistically while enjoying the vape experience.

    It’s great to learn how to do tricks with your vape, but never forget the importance of safety. This comes down to basic precautions, such as:

    1. Always using a reputable vaping device.
    2. Choosing quality e-liquids to minimize any health risks associated with vaping.

    It’s also wise to ensure you don’t inhale excessively when using a vape at any time.

    Practice vape risks and keep safety at the front of your mind to enjoy exploring new techniques and enhancing your vape experience. The wellbeing of yourself and others should always be paramount, but there is a lot of fun to be had learning new nic tricks.

    Selecting The Right Vape Model For Tricks

    Whether you are learning easy vape tricks or trying to master more advanced ones, selecting the right vape model is crucial. Look for devices that offer variable airflow and adjustable wattage settings - this will enable you to modify your vaping experience to optimize the cloud size.

    We also recommend that you choose e-liquids with high vegetable glycerin (VG) content, as this helps produce denser vapor clouds as opposed to propylene glycol (PG). We sell a range of high-quality vape mods and e-liquid perfect for learning how to do cool vape tricks.

    One collection we can recommend is SMOK, known for their smooth flavor profiles and vapor production. With the right combination of vape and liquid, you will be able to try your hand at a variety of tricks to impress your audience.

    Full List Of Vape Trick Names

    Whether you are using a high-quality reusable vape or opting for healthier disposable vapes, there are many cool vape tricks vape pens can achieve. Here’s a list of popular ones to consider:

    1. O’s: Form smoke rings by shaping your mouth into an ‘O’ and forcing a small but quick amount of vapor from your mouth. Make sure to push the vapor from your throat.
    2. French inhale: Create a cascading effect by exhaling vapor through your nose while inhaling it through your mouth.
    3. Ghost inhale: This is where you exhale vapor then quickly inhale it back into your mouth so that the cloud appears and then disappears.
    4. Dragon: Simulate dragon’s breath by exhaling vapor from your mouth and nostrils at the same time.
    5. Tornado: Flick your wrist whilst exhaling vapor onto a flat surface to create a swirling, tornado-like effect.
    6. Jellyfish: After blowing a thick O, you can use your hand to push the top of the ring to create a shape that resembles a jellyfish.
    7. Blowing bubbles: When you exhale vapor into a bubble solution, you get floating, vapor-filled bubbles.
    8. Triangles: Showcase precision and control by manipulating vapor rings to create interconnected triangles.

    It takes practice and patience, but these are some of the best vape tricks to learn.

    Looking for the right e-liquid for vape tricks?

    Choose The Right E-Liquid For Vape Tricks

    If you want to perform vape tricks, you’ll need to choose e-liquids with high vegetable glycerin content. See our full collection of high VG e-liquids.

    View E-Liquid Collection

    How Long Does It Take To Make Easy & Cool Vape Tricks?

    It takes time to learn how to do tricks with vapes, but the actual number of days or weeks varies depending on various factors. Your existing skill level is key, and you should always aim to buy the best vape for performing tricks. Adjustable settings and high-quality e-liquids are crucial to execute tricks well.

    With consistent practice, simple vape tricks like O’s and French Inhales can be learned within a few days to a couple of weeks by beginners. However, more advanced tricks may take weeks or even months of practice to perfect. If you have prior experience in activities like smoke rings or vapor manipulation, you may be able to learn tricks more quickly.

    Easy Vape Tricks For Beginners

    Mastering simple vaping tricks with a vape like blowing O’s and performing the ghost inhale is a good starting point for beginners. The former involves shaping your mouth like an ‘O’ and pushing vapor through, while the latter is all about exhaling vapor, then quickly sucking it back into your mouth. With consistent practice, these tricks can become second nature to impress friends and other vapers.

    Realistically, you won’t be able to pull off any vape tricks with a vape unless you invest in high-quality vape juice with a high VG content. These vape juices can be expensive, but their high quality enhances your vaping experience and can make it easier and more enjoyable to learn tricks. Remember that patience and dedication are key, and even beginners can master easy vape tricks to progress to the next level. Let’s look a little closer at the two tricks we mentioned earlier in this section.

    How To Blow O Rings With A Vape

    Blowing O’s is a simple vape trick to learn, and here’s how to do it:

    1. Start by taking a deep inhale of vapor and holding it in your mouth.
    2. Shape your lips into an ‘O’, keeping them tight and slightly puckered.
    3. Push out a small amount of vapor using your throat muscles whilst simultaneously flicking your jaw forward. This creates the ring.

    It sounds simple, but there will probably be a lot of trial and error before it starts to work. The most common mistake is exhaling too forcefully, which can cause the right to break up. People also frequently fail to maintain the tight ‘O’ shape with their lips, so the rings come out in irregular shapes. Correct these mistakes by focusing on gentle exhales and refining your lip formation.

    Another tip is to practice different breath intensities and work on the speed at which you flick your jaw forward. With patience, you will find the optimal balance of each component to perfect the art of blowing O rings.

    How To Do The Ghost Inhale

    The ghost inhale is one of the best vape tricks to learn. Here’s how it’s done:

    1. Take a deep drag from your vape device and hold the vapor in your mouth momentarily.
    2. Slowly exhale a small amount of vapor through your mouth, then quickly inhale it back through your nose.
    3. The cloud will appear and disappear quickly.

    There are things you can do to refine your ghost inhale technique. Start by focusing on controlling the speed and timing of your inhale and exhale. Experiment with different exhale durations, creating varying intensities in your vapor cloud. It is also best to maintain a steady stream of vapor as you inhale it back, creating a smooth transition.

    It’s important to exhale gently, otherwise the vapor cloud will disperse too quickly for you to inhale it. You should inhale very quickly but smoothly to ensure you don’t inhale too much air along with the vapor. Practice and patience are key to master the ghost inhale.

    Need help choosing the right vape mod?

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    Different And Cool Vape Tricks

    You should aim to master the easy vape tricks to get a solid foundation to build on when learning more advanced tricks. Once you are confident, use online resources and tutorials to learn techniques like jellyfish and dragon breath vape tricks. Experiment with different e-juices to find which produces the optimal density and duration of vapor cloud for you.

    Remember, there is no difference between e-juice and vape juice - they are interchangeable terms for the same thing. But there are many different types to explore. It can be helpful to seek advice from experienced vapers for tips on:

    1. Improving technique
    2. The best equipment
    3. Safety precautions

    With dedication and practice, you’ll get to the point where you are wowing audiences with your tricks.

    How To Perform The Jellyfish Vape Trick

    Here’s how to do the jellyfish trick with your vape:

    1. Blow a thick ‘O’ ring using good technique.
    2. Use your hand to gently push the top of the ring so that it expands and flattens.
    3. Exhale a small amount of vapor through the center so that the ring expands outwards and creates a jellyfish shape.

    This is a vape trick that has great visual appeal as it looks intricate and mesmerizing, pulsating like a jellyfish in water. This is considered an advanced trick as it takes a lot of precision and coordination to manipulate the ‘O’ ring in the air and control vapor flow. You will need to practice to get the optimal shape and size of the jellyfish cloud.

    If you are committed to developing the necessary skill with patience, you can master this trick and impress your audiences with ease.

    How To Do The Dragon Vape Trick

    To perform the dragon, or dragon breath, vape trick, use the following method:

    1. Take a deep drag from your vape device and hold it in your mouth.
    2. Exhale forcefully from the mouth and nostrils simultaneously to create a large stream of vapor.
    3. Arch your back slightly and exhale with a growl to enhance the dragon illusion.

    This creates a stream of vapor that resembles the fiery breath of a dragon. This is one of the best vape tricks to learn because it has a dramatic effect on observers, often inspiring awe and amazement. The vapor billowing from both the nose and mouth captivates audiences, and this is a popular trick among experienced vapers because of the response it frequently gets.

    If you have a flair for the theatrical and want to make a big impression, the dragon breath vape trick is a great option. Practice in front of a mirror to give the trick a unique spin and make it your own.

    Step By Step Vape Tricks: From Simple To Complex

    We can categorize vape tricks into three skill levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced:

    1. Beginner: These include easy vape tricks like blowing O’s and performing the ghost inhale. Minimal practice is required, and beginners can master them relatively quickly.
    2. Intermediate: Maneuvers like the French inhale, waterfall, and double O’s fit into this category. They build on the beginner techniques and require a moderate skill level to execute effectively.
    3. Advanced: The most challenging and impressive tricks require precise timing and technique. Popular examples include the tornado, jellyfish, and dragon breath, wherein multiple techniques combine to manipulate the vapor.

    To progress from easier tricks to more difficult ones, you must master the basics and increase the complexity gradually. Regular practice is crucial, experimenting with different techniques and getting feedback from more experienced vapers. With patience and a dedicated approach, you will progress from simple smoke rings to complex combos to become a master of vape trickery, whether you use reusable or disposable vapes.

    Wondering if your vape juice has gone bad?

    Does Vape Juice Expire?

    Learn about how long vape juice stays good and receive advice on the use of expired vape juice in this blog.

    Read More

    Frequently Asked Questions About How To Do Vape Tricks

    There are lots of different vape tricks to learn, each requiring different skills and techniques. It’s best to start with beginner tricks like blowing O’s and the ghost inhale to get a strong foundation to build on.

    Beginners can master basic vape tricks in a few days to a couple of weeks with regular practice. Follow tutorials and focus on refining each element of the technique to become an expert.
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