Asian Flavor Vape Juice

Asian Flavor Vape Juice

Asian Flavor Vape Juice Blends

Classic vape brands such as Yami Vapor, The Mamasan, and Sengoku Vapor are crafting some of the best Asia-inspired vape juice blends like the Japanese Sweet Potato vape juice blend. What does that taste like? Well, we have a full-blown review on Gorudo by Yami Vapor coming at you soon.

So, what is this new type of Asian Flavor vape juice, does it taste like amanita mushroom gummies or candy flavors? No, it's completely different, you either love it or hate it. These flavors are something that you’ve never experienced before. Hailing from Asian foods that these vape juices deliver you to a whole new dimension of flavor. One of Yami Vapor’s most popular vape juices Taruto is a recreation of the Asian egg tart dessert “Dan Ta.” Taruto is the vape juice that sent Yami Vapor into the public eye. With a flavor like this that has never seen before, everyone wanted to try it. Another one of their most popular vape juices Shaka has the exotic fruit mangosteen in it that will have your taste buds on a tropical journey like no other. Mangosteen is a fruit from Asia that has such a delicious sweet taste that you won’t be able to get enough of it.

This Asian flavored vape juice trend has just started, and it is about to grow bigger. These flavors are so intense that you will be taken aback from the moment you inhale your first puff. With these vape juice, you won’t have a moment of regret. These vape juices will throw your taste buds across the world, sending them souring with a sensation like never before. 

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