The Lost One by Directors Cut 60ml

Director's Cut

The Lost One by Director's Cut Eliquid 60ml

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The Lost One by Director’s Cut Eliquid 60ml

Director’s Cut The Lost One Vape Juice Review

Take 1.

Once upon a time there was a vapor who just couldn’t find the right vape juice that was compatible with their taste buds and vape. The search was long and endless, bottle after bottle. Site after site. Eventually you’ve lost hope and have given up, you settle with a juice that was just “okay” and move on with your flavorless days. “At least I’m not smoking anymore” you say to yourself under your breath.

One day during your lunch break, a coworker asks if they can hit your vape. You shrug your shoulders and say “sure why not”, they take a hit and cough in disgust. “What are you vaping on? Oh no no. That is not acceptable, taste mine. You have been missing out.”

You reach for their vape and take one drag. Immediately you get a sugar rush of delicious blue raspberry candy taking control of all of your senses coating every taste bud exposed on your tongue on the inhale, and a blast of other sweet fruits that compliment the blue raspberry on the exhale giving you an exuberating amount of flavor and clouds that have simply touched your vapor soul.

“What is this? Where has it been all my life” You ask in a dramatic tone. They respond with a charming smile “The Lost One by Director’s Cut, you’re welcome.”

Flavor Profile: Blue Raspberry, Fruit, Candy

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 70/30