Rainbow by I Love Candy Gourmet E-liquid 100ml

Mad Hatter

Rainbow by I Love Candy Gourmet E-liquid 100ml

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Rainbow by I Love Candy Gourmet E-liquid 100ml

Mad Hatter Juice I Love Candy Rainbow Review

Rainbow by I Love Candy Gourmet E-liquid is the latest e-juice line up under the Mad Hatter umbrella. Mad Hatter Juice who brought to the market the most well known cookie and donut flavors to date, have stepped out of the realm of dessert flavors and into the land of candy! This company is known for creating flavors that are extremely accurate to their flavor profile, this makes it very easy to pick up a liquid from Mad Hatter without trying it first because when you choose Mad Hatter you have the confidence that the flavor profile will be spot on the flavor description!

The I Love Candy line-up is no different with brand new mouthwatering recipes of your favorite fruity candy! Rainbow by I Love Candy is the most refreshing full flavored array of fruit flavors you have ever tried! With this recipe of sweet cherry to a sour lime, you don't have to worry about looking for that perfect candy, that is because the perfect fruity candy flavor has found you! The mixologist cleverly crafted this flavor to mimic a bag of mixed fruity candies with every hit giving you a different burst of flavor. In one bottle of I love candy- Rainbow you have notes of the different fruit candy flavors, inhale a strawberry and exhale a lemon with this flavor changing e-liquid you can vape multiple different flavors with just one bottle of ejuice!

This gourmet e-liquid is crafted in Los Angeles, California with the highest grade propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and nicotine available. Finally thanks to Mad Hatter's you can enjoy the “candy without the cavities”!

Flavor Profile: Candy, Strawberry, Grape, Orange, Lime, Cherry

 Bottle Size: 100ml

 VG/PG: 70%VG, 30%PG