My Undead Girlfriend by Director's Cut 60ml

Director's Cut

My Undead Girlfriend by Director's Cut Eliquid 60ml

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My Undead Girlfriend by Director’s Cut Eliquid 60ml

Director’s Cut My Undead Girlfriend Vape Juice Review

“I’m back…” says a soft creepy voice that sounds sincerely familiar. You turn around to see a womanly figure looking frail and lifeless. You’re frozen in fear but once you look at the face you notice it's just your zombie girlfriend. Right away you’re shocked, terrified, and mainly just really confused on what’s going on since shes out in the open when she's normally not. You pinch yourself for reassurance to see if you’re just dreaming only to realize it’s all really happening. “But I thought you were-” You attempt to speak but she cuts you off and says “I just wanted you to try this.”

Your undead girlfriend hands you a vape juice packaged in a bottle with a unique logo, you reach for it and put some into your tank. Off of the first hit you get an intense flavor of delicious fruits that you immediately can compare to crisp apples and sweet candied strawberries on the inhale, while on the exhale you get a tart sense of lush candied pineapple. Almost like having a sucker that has you licking the essence right off your lips bringing those taste buds right back to life...literally.

You look up to say thank you and to ask more questions on what she was doing out, just to find yourself standing alone. Have you gone mad? Or did this really happen? You look at the bottle once more to read the title “My Undead Girlfriend by Director’s Cut”

Flavor Profile: Apple, Strawberry, Pineapple, Candy

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 70/30