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Apple Peach Sour Rings By Candy Shop 100ml

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Apple Peach Sour Rings By Candy Shop 100ml

Candy Shop Apple Peach Sour Rings Vape Juice Review

Before the vapor products market became what it is today, candy-flavored vape juice was a huge hit. People couldn't get over the fact that they could continue enjoying satisfying nicotine and indulge in hundreds of thousands of wonderful tastes. While people were certainly used to the taste and stench of tobacco, it wasn't tobacco flavors that fueled the vape juice market. In fact, it was complex candy flavors.

Apple Peach Sour Rings by Candy Shop is one of the industry's go-to flavors when it comes to candy-flavored vape juice. It really dives in to deliver that fun and exciting candy taste that is so hard to recreate into a vapor form. With some of the finest mixologists in the industry, Candy Shop managed to create a collection of fascinating flavors, and Apple Peach Sour Rings just happen to be one of our favorites.

The Apple Peach Sour Rings Vape Juice by Candy Shop is a 100mL chubby gorilla bottle that features a 70/30 ratio and is available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strengths to suit your preference. It provides an exceptional taste and you experience dense vapor due to the perfected ratio. Manufactured by The Finest E-Liquid, this brilliantly crafted vape juice has all there is to offer when it comes to the taste. It provides the perfect balance of flavors, meshing delicious apple sour rings with sugary peach.

From the inhale, you immediately notice the sourness of the apple, while the exhale continues to thrill with the sugariness of the peach. Throughout the entire experience, your mouth is watering with excitement, and it finishes with you wanting even more.

If you are a sucker for candy vape juice flavors that attack the sweet tooth, this sweet and sour mix is sure to keep your taste buds wide and awake for another puff. Apple Peach Sour Rings 100mL is an exciting flavor for anyone that has been searching for a tasty sweet treat in the vapor form.


Flavor Profile: Candy, Apple, Sour, Peach

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 70/30