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Pixy Dip by Vaper Treats 100ml

Product Description

Pixy Dip by Vaper Treats 100ml

Vaper Treats Pixy Dip Vape Juice Review

Vaper Treats Pixy Dip brings you the mouth watering taste of grape-flavored sugar that will give you the sugar rush of a lifetime. With every single puff you take of this jaw dropping vape juice, you will feel as if you're a child again sneaking your favorite sugary treats whenever you got the chance. This vape juice will kick your sweet tooth to the curb in a matter of seconds!

As you inhale Vaper Treats Pixy Dip, a grape flavor that is like no other will hit your taste buds and cause you to have goosebumps all across your body. This sweet sugary grape flavor will bring you back to your favorite childhood memories of being given your favorite candy in the most colorful straws. As you exhale, the sugary flavor gives your taste buds one last jolt of sweetness that will have your taste buds jumping for joy before subsiding and leaving you craving more and more! 

Vaper Treats create the most delightful vape juices that will have your taste buds going crazy with every single puff you take. These vape juices bring you the most mouth watering, spine chilling flavors with every single puff you take. These vape juices will have you feeling like a child in a candy shop. Made with only the highest quality of ingredients, you will always have the best possible vaping experience!

Vaper Treats Pixy Dip is the perfect sugary grape treat that will have your taste buds feeling rejuvenated with every single puff you take.  This vape juice is perfect for those of you who are a child at heart!

Flavor Profile: Grape, Candy

Bottle Size: 100ml

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