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Cinna-Fun by Vaper Treats 100ml

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Cinna-Fun by Vaper Treats 100ml

Vaper Treats Cinna-Fun Vape Juice Review

Vaper Treats Cinna-Fun is the best tasting dessert flavored vape juice that you'll ever be able to find. This vape juice takes the flavor of a freshly baked cinnamon roll topped with vanilla icing and turned it into a vape juice that you can vape on all day long without any remorse. Vaper Treats has surly made a vape juice that will kick your sweet tooth to the curb with no hesitation!

As you inhale Vaper Treats Cinna-Fun vape juice, the taste of a fresh out of the oven cinnamon roll will dance across your taste buds and excite each and every one of them. This flavor is so on point that you will feel as if you're at your favorite pastry shop munching on your favorite sweet treat. As you exhale, the vanilla icing flavor combines with the cinnamon roll flavor to give your taste buds one last jolt of sweetness before dimming down to a flavor that will have you craving more and more. 

Vaper Treats has so many delicious 100ml flavors that you won't be able to choose just one as your favorite. These vape juices are perfect for those you who enjoy a sweet treat all day long. With these vape juices you will be able to indulge on these mouth watering flavors without any regret, and you'll be able to throw away all of those hidden candies. Vaper Treats makes all of their vape juices with the highest quality ingredients to provide their customers with the best vaping experience possible.

Vaper Treats Cinna-Fun is the perfect vape juice for those of you who would enjoy nothing more than to taste a cinnamon roll all day long. This vape juice will be the best way to kick those sweet tooth cravings in an instant!

Flavor Profile: Cinnamon Roll, Vanilla Icing

Bottle Size: 100ml