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Tuck Shop Sweet Fusion by Dinner Lady 60ml

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Tuck Shop Sweet Fusion 60ml

Tuck Shop Sweet Fusion Review

Tuck Shop Sweet Fusion 60ml is the perfect recreate of your favorite chewy candies. This vape juice will have your taste buds going crazy from your first puff until your very last. 

As you inhale Tuck Shop Sweet Fusion, the taste of various fruits will flood your taste buds. This flavor will always change as this vape juice has so many different fruit flavors within it. As you exhale, the candy base combines with the fruity flavors to create a taste that you will never get tired of. This vape juice is truly an all-day-vape. Tuck Shop has really out down themselves with Sweet Fusion because with just one inhale you will become addicted.

Tuck Shop is a vape juice line by the brand Dinner Lady. Dinner Lady is a brand determined to bring you back to your childhood when you had no worries at all and just happiness. With this vape juice brand, you will never have to worry about your cravings because Dinner Lady has a vape juice for every craving you may have. Don't miss your chance to find your new favorite vape juice brand with Tuck Shop by Dinner Lady.

Tuck Shop Sweet Fusion 60ml is the perfect candy vape juice for those of you who crave fruity flavors but also love sweet treats. This vape juice is just what you've been looking for to complete your day. 

Flavor Profile: Fruity, Candy

VG/PG: 70/30

Bottle Size: 60ml