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Smash Berriez by Humble Juice Co 120ml

Product Description

Smash Berriez by Humble Juice Co 120ml

Humble Smash Berriez Vape Juice Review

Creating a wonderland of flavor, Smash Berriez by Humble Juice Co paints a picture of what it's like to bombard your taste buds with loads of berry flavor so you can reap the flavor aftermath. From every which way, your tastes will be smothered by as many as five flavors, puzzling the tastes with deliciously crafted excitement. The experience is repeated with each puff, leaving you intensely satisfied to no end.

What is Humble Juice Co Smash Berriez vape juice? Smash Berriez by Humble Juice Co is a delicious assortment of flavors that leaves you incredibly pleased. It is a wonderland of flavors for you to enjoy with each and every puff. In this remarkable harmony of flavors, you will taste blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, cheesecake, and custard flavor. It's a wild vape that delivers an even wilder flavor experience. It's all about the sweet taste of tartness and a burst of berries to really excite your tastes and please you to the fullest.

Humble Juice Co is a premium vape juice brand that manufactures its vapor products in sunny California. It creates a wide range of fascinating fruit and dessert flavors, all designed to satisfy vapers worldwide. Since its launch, Humble Juice Co has become one of the industry's most reputable brands due to its extensive line of artisanal flavors that received near-instant success. As a result, vapers continue to look to Humble Juice Co to meet their vape needs.

If you are searching for a catastrophe of flavors that just seem to come together perfectly to create a whirlwind of flavor, this unique blend of black, raspberry, strawberry, cheesecake, and custard will definitely do the trick. Smash Berriez is the perfect vape juice to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Flavor Profile: Blackberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Cheesecake, Custard

Bottle Size: 120ml

VG/PG: 80/20

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