Pudding by The Milkman Salt 30ml

The Milkman Salt

Pudding by The Milkman Salt 30ml

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Pudding by The Milkman Salt 30ml

The Milkman Pudding Salt Nicotine Juice Review

Fulfill your dessert cravings with each puff of Pudding by The Milkman Salt 30ml. Consisting of a splendid blend of yummy vanilla pudding and light lemon zest, this delicious salt nic flavor will dazzle your taste buds beyond belief. The Milkman Salt Pudding is a perfect combination of savory and tarty as it will refresh your taste palate while satisfying it at the same time. Crafted with excellence and high-quality ingredients expect nothing short of a clean and fulfilling vaping experience. Pudding is perfect for dessert lovers who enjoy a slight lemon twist.

With each inhale of The Milkman Pudding Salt a soft and unique lemon flavor will gently swarm your palate. It will provide the perfect amount of zest to that will wake your taste buds up. During exhale a delicious wave of the dense vanilla pudding will ooze its way through your taste receptors and give you that full-bodied vaping experience we all enjoy. 

The Milkman Salt Pudding will come neatly packaged in 30ml Unicorn Bottles and in the nicotine level 40MG or 0.4%. Salt nic is recommended only for pod-based systems and not sub ohm use to their high concentration of nicotine. 

Flavor Profile: Vanilla Pudding, Lemon

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 60/40