Napa Nectar by California Grown SALT 30ml

California Grown Salt

Napa Nectar by California Grown SALT 30ml

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Napa Nectar by California Grown SALT 30ml

California Grown SALT Napa Nectar Vape Juice Review

Mangoes grown in the heart of Napa City made into a wholesome salt nicotine vape juice that’ll make your summer twice as great. California is known for their vibrant culture that everyone wants to come and experience themselves. But sometimes we have to be on a strict budget so… why not bring the ever loving California to you? It’s cheaper and quite delicious if you don’t mind our opinion. Not only that, but you get to taste mangoes all day everyday and what’s not to love about that?

Lush nectarous mango on the inhale racing towards your taste buds through every nook and cranny it could possibly find. As you exhale you will automatically feel the carefree vibe that California holds within its beautiful state. With every puff comes complete relaxation with a luxurious taste of fresh mango.

Napa Nectar by California Grown Salt will be your next favorite salt nicotine because of its deliciously sweet but savory mango taste. California Grown will be sure to be everything you need and more in your daily routine, it will your little slice of heaven on the go. This brand is perfect for anyone looking for their next flavor fix.

As a reminder we’d like to warn you that yes this vape juice is dangerously delicious but since it is a salt nicotine vape juice it is only meant to be vaped by a pod device. If it’s used in a sub-ohm tank it can be extremely harmful to your body. But when you have a pod device it’s got the correct low wattage that you need to be safe and happy.

Flavor Profile: Mango

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 50/50