Nancy's New Nightmare by Director's Cut 60ml

Director's Cut

Nancy's New Nightmare by Director's Cut Eliquid 60ml

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Nancy’s New Nightmare by Director’s Cut Eliquid 60ml

Director’s Cut Nancy’s New Nightmare Vape Juice Review

3...2...1… Go!

In a world, where you’re surrounded by stacks of delicious waffles with crushed pecans and hazelnuts. All one can eat to the heart’s content, doesn’t that just sound amazing? You look around in search for some syrup since you already have a fork and knife in hand. After what feels like endless hours of searching you began getting a bit impatient as you walk by the countless surrounding of precious belgian waffles. Finally, you stop. Then you came to horrifying idea of… what if there is no syrup?! What ungodly creature would eat such a delicious breakfast without that thick honeyed taste of sweet sugary goodness.

You wake up screaming your head off from this terrible nightmare only to find out that it was all true. No syrup. You call up a friend in hysterical tears telling them about the horrid dream and how it came true. They stop by and whip up a batch of melted salted caramel. “Here, give this a try” they said with a big smile on their face.

You drizzle some onto a freshly made waffle with the crushed pecans and hazelnuts included along with melted butter. You take a big bite and instantly get a rush of the lush waffle exfoliating those taste buds with the sweet nutty taste from the pecans and hazelnuts as you pretty much inhaled it, and the aftertaste of the salty sweet caramel soothing your sorrows of having no syrup while seeing a light cloud of smoke when you breath out from how hot and fresh the waffle still was. “Wow” You sit back in amazement “That was better than syrup”.

And that was how Nancy’s New Nightmare by Director’s Cut vape juice was born. Made to have the exact experience as Nancy did with her new finding but liquified and stored into a nice bottle just for you to vape on all day long. Thanks Nancy’s nightmare we’re all able to cherish this delicious discovery.

Flavor Profile: Waffle, Pecan, Hazelnut, Salted Caramel

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 70/30