Halcyon Vapors Apach'i 100ml

Halcyon Vapors

Halcyon Vapors Apach'i 100ml

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Halcyon Vapors Apach'i 100ml Vape Juice

Halcyon Vapors Apach'i Vape Juice Review

Halcyon Vapors is the fix to all of your fruity vaping needs, from dragon fruit to peaches they have all the best flavors. Halcyon Vapors Apach'i is the delicious mix of sweet peaches combined with the freshest apricots. This vape juice will be sure to leave you begging for more.

As you inhale Halcyon Vapors Apach'i you taste the sweet borderline sugary peaches that will rush your taste buds leaving them jumping for joy. On the exhale you taste the fresh apricots that when combined with the sweet notes of peaches will be sure to leave you in pure bliss. With every inhale and exhale you take off of this vape juice will be sure to love the fresh taste of fruits mixed with the slightest original Halcyon undertones. Halcyon Vapors Apach'i will be sure to shock and amaze you with every inhale and exhale you take from this vape juice.

Halcyon Vapors is the perfect brand to please your every fruity vaping needs with its one of a kind flavor range. Halcyon offers three unique and original flavors that you will become obsessed over with every single one you try. This vape juice will be sure to be your next go to all day every day from its original flavor. Halcyon Vapors has been around for half a decade so you know that they have perfected every single of their of vape juice flavors for pure perfection with every puff you take. 

If you are looking for a vape juice that will your taste buds screaming for more then look further than Halcyon Vapors Apach'i. From the sweet peaches to the fresh apricots and the mysterious Halcyon vapors undertones this vape juice will be sure to keep your taste buds on their toes. You will never be able to put this bottle down from the moment you pick it up because of truly amazing flavor that you will be sure to love. 

Flavor profile: Apricot, Peach

Bottle Size: 100ml

PG/VG: 30/70