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FRYD Ice Cream Ejuice 60ml

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FRYD Ice Cream Ejuice by FRYD Liquids 60ml

FRYD Ice Cream Vape Juice Review

Delivering a setting of a classic carnival experience, there is nothing quite better than FRYD Ice Cream vape juice. It offers a thrilling taste from beginning to end, boasting loads of delicious dessert flavor to settle those sweet tooth cravings you’ve been constantly struggling with throughout your vaping journey. Get yourself ready for an authentic fried ice cream flavor in the form of vape juice.

FRYD Ice Cream by FRYD Liquids offers up a unique blend of flavors that resembles the taste of fried ice cream, which you may remember from those special carnival outings. From the moment you open the top, the flavor spews out, awakening your senses and leaving you craving its delicious tastes. From the point of inhaling, you begin to taste what seems like a freshly dipped fried ice cream flavor. It offers creamy notes of vanilla bean ice cream through and through. From beginning to end, you experience the same consistent flavor, giving you more of its deliciousness with every puff you indulge in. To experience it all, you’ll receive a 60mL bottle that is available in a few strengths, which include 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine levels of your choice.

Headquartered in what is considered the industry’s central hub for premium vapor products, Los Angeles, California, FRYD Liquids is in just the right spot to connect with suppliers, and it has done so. Today, FRYD Liquids is one of the industry’s most popular brands, and their delicious collection of dessert pastry flavors are scattered throughout the United States for all to enjoy. What makes the FRYD Liquids brand so fascinating it how it has developed its flavor and the theme behind them. It offers replicated vape flavors that are based around the carnival atmosphere, giving you the taste people crave when visiting a carnival, yet there isn’t any aftermath of guilt to follow. It features incredible flavor profiles, the finest quality ingredients, and remains a go-to source for premium dessert-inspired vape juice.

Though there are many remarkable flavor creations that exist on the market, FRYD Ice Cream by FRYD Liquids remains to be one of the industry’s most unique. The flavor is incredibly delicious, super smooth, and if you enjoy the taste of creamy vanilla bean ice cream, you are going to love this special blend.

Flavor Profile: Dessert, Ice Cream, Cookie Dough

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 70/30