Uncle Junks Just Bettie 120ml


Bettie White by Uncle Junk's 120ml

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Just Bettie (Bettie White) by Uncle Junk's 120ML

Uncle Junk's Just Bettie Vape Juice Review

Just Bettie (previously known as "Bettie White") by Uncle Junk's 120ml is a exquisite taste of ripe Washington apples mixed with pomegranate. Looking for a flavor that's sweet and tarty but doesn't just stop there? Uncle Junk's fruity sensation of fresh apples and intense pomegranates give this vape juice its uniquely striking flavor profile. Uncle Junk's Just Bettie 120ml is every fruit lovers' dream come true!

About the Brand:
Uncle Junk’s Genius E-Liquid is proudly brewed in Southern California since 2012. Uncle Junk's was born from an 35 year 2 pack-a-day ex smoker that turned his love for vape into some of the finest e-liquids. Using on the finest ingredients with approximately 70 VG / 30 PG blends, Uncle Junk’s Genius E-Liquid gives you an amazing selection of flavors.

Bottle Size: 120ml (2x60ml)

Flavor Profile:  Apple, Pomegranate

VG/PG: 70/30