Aqua Salts Swell 30ml

Aqua Salts

Swell (Sour Melon) Salt by Aqua 30ml

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Aqua Salt Swell Sour Melon Vape Juice 30ml

Aqua Swell Sour Melon Salt Vape Juice Review

Aqua Salts Sour Melon (formerly Aqua Sour Melon) brings you a delightful candy vape juice that you'll be able to indulge on all day long. This vape juice takes the sweet taste of melons and gives them  a sour twist that will keep you addicted from your first puff until your last. 

As you inhale Aqua Sour Melon, the taste of sour melons will flood your taste buds and leave you craving more. This flavor has just enough sourness to have your lips puckering but it isn't overwhelming. Aqua Salts has really outdone themselves with this delicious vape juice. As you exhale, the sourness turns into a sweet candy flavor that will have your mouth watering. 

Aqua Vape Juice is a vape juice brand that brings you such amazing flavors that you will be addicted to ever single vape juice flavor they have. These vape juices create a flavor extravaganza out of simple flavors, and with these flavor your taste buds will be sent on a wild ride of flavors. Aqua vape juice has created Aqua Salts to provide even those of you with a pod system the ability to enjoy the wonderful flavors. 

Aqua Salts Sour Melon is a vape juice that you will certainly be vaping on all day long. This salt nicotine vape juice is everything you've been looking for in a vape juice that you will never want to put it down. 

Flavor Profile: Sour Melon, Candy

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 50/50