Broski Berry by Nasty E-liquid 60ml

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Broski Berry by Nasty E-liquid 60ml

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Broski Berry by Nasty E-liquid 60ml

Nasty Juice Broski Berry Review

Fruit flavor lovers are going to rejoice when they take a puff of Broski Berry by Nasty E-Liquid 60ml. Each puff will blast your taste receptors with a flurry of freshly picked cherries, tarty raspberries, and delicious blueberries. All these flavors will work perfectly in unison to provide you with a extremely satisfying vaping experience that will reward you taste buds with all its glory. Broski Berry by Nasty E-liquid is the ideal ejuice for any fruit flavor enthusiast as it will provide you with a well rounded premium flavor perfect for vaping all day long. 

With each inhale of Nasty Juice Broski Berry a intoxicating cherry tone will emerge and give your taste buds ultimate satisfaction. Natural and sweet cherries will make it feel as if you were eating the real thing. During the exhale is where a blend of ripe raspberries and delicious blueberries will emerge and reward you with a vibrant and refreshing tone. With all these tasty berries mixed together, Broski Berry is an perfectly balanced vape juice that will please you from beginning to end. 

If you enjoy an accurate and clean tasting fruit flavor then Nasty Juice has got you covered. Nasty E-liquid is a one of a kind eliquid brand with unique flavors sure to please your palate. This company is a worldwide manufacturer that prides themselves with using high quality ingredients. Broski Berry is only one of their many stupendous ejuice flavors in their vast collection.

Broski Berry by Nasty Juice is contained in a 60ml Chubby Gorilla Bottle, when you crack the seal on this bad boy you’ll immediately be hit with sweet scent of berries. This vape juice is bursting at the seams with flavor! You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you take the first puff of Broski Berry, it will fulfill your ultimate vape juice fantasy.

Flavor Profile: Cherry, Raspberry, Blueberry

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 70/30